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<Release>9s-People: Gather all your friends in the pocket

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by BGT, Nov 3, 2010.

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    Product name: 9s-People (Lite version also available)
    OS: 1.6 and above
    Price: USD 1.99

    Getting tired with spending so much time in searching your friends&#8217; SNS? 9s-People is here to assist you in merging friends&#8217; various SNS accounts, so that you can get access to and switch each of their SNS by just ONE click.
    9s-People, Nice friend!
    *The user of Acer Liquid is not suggested to download this app*
    Quick Review[FONT=&#26032]&#65306;[/FONT]
    1. Merge Six SNS accounts ( Youtube, Picasa, Plurk, Facebook, Twitter, Flicker) into ONE account
    2. Switch and surf various SNS just by ONE click
    3. Quick switch between various SNS
    4. User-friendly Interface
    5. Save time and mobile memory Get rid of various dazzling SNS APPs
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