Release date for ADC2 winners?


Please excuse my ignorance, but, I can't seem to find any apps that were winners of the ADC2. Is there a date when they will all be released or something? Or am I just missing something entirely?

I searched for three apps that interested me from Android Developer Challenge.

They are:
Rhythm Guitar
and Moto X Mayhem

All three searches came back with "There are no matches in Android Market..."

Carl C

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Hi Paladaxar ,

I'm afraid its up to the Developer when {if at all} they will release their app on the Android Market. Their is unfortunately no set dates



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Wow...that sucks. It seems like it should be a requirement for an app to at least be on the Market for it to WIN the ADC! Is that too much to ask? :)
Not at all.

Moto X Mayhem, looks great but it looks like it would be boring to play. I know you can download the file for it somewhere, and I am sure you can get the files for the other programs, too, if you look around the forums or do a quick search =)