Root renaming roms

I want to download several roms and switch between them. I would like to rename them with their rom name...but I think I read somewhere where you shouldnt rename them. Any suggestions?


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When I download and install a rom, the file normally already has its own name. I can see where changing the name might affect the MD5 number but it should still install ok. You might get more opinions though.


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I do use ROM manager and it names them with the date and some other numbers...just wondering if anyone has changed their name and had no problems....thanks for your help guys


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I rename them but I install them through recovery. Not sure if it makes a difference though. I've had no issues with any that I have installed so far. Just wipe data and cache before installing.


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I think I misunderstood what was being asked before. I didn't realize we were talking "backups" You should be able to rename them as needed but stay away from spaces in the names.


You can rename them if you want to. I have found if you just do a nandroid through ROM Manager though it is easiest to just rename it when it prompts you to. Your choice I have renamed them both ways and been fine.


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To be clear for others reading.

It Sounds like your talking about BACK-UPS not ROMS

Clockwork recovery and nadroid (really the same thing) are BACK-UPS
---these can be renamed

Virtuous, Skyraider, etc are ROMS
---these shouldn't be renamed


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When I try a ROM I install it and delete the zip file after the install. I then get it set up the way I want it and do a save through ROM Manager to whatever I feel will make me remember it. You do not have to keep any of the name that ROM Manager recommends. Then I move on to my next ROM and do the same.

This way, if I want to go back to a ROM I just restore it with ROM Manager and it is also already set up.

You can rename a ROM before but it may fail the MD5 check.

You can rename a backup but after it is made but it may fail the MD5 check. In this case just add something at the end of the backup folder name that you can remove later if it gives you a problem.


You can rename your nandroid backups but make sure they have no spaces otherwise you will get a MD5 mismatch when you try to restore.

I name mine like " 2010_10_28_SR3.3.2_PRE_KK5"

or something of the sort.