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ROM Questions for MarvelC version

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Mamadanz, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Mamadanz

    Mamadanz Newbie
    Thread Starter

    All rooted, and finally decided to go for a ROM. Looked around - between here, XDA and other sites. Thought I would like WildChild, but saw a post on XDA that said it was only for Marvel and not MarvelC. So didn't do it.

    Thought I would like one of the CM runs (9 maybe? even 10?) but after looking, wasn't sure if it would work on mine.

    Wound up putting on a JMZ (I think that's right) Sense version. Its OK, but I was actually hoping for something a little different/"snappier".

    Found a link for a new CM - that says its for MarvelC - CM9 - also the link for GAPPS.

    What I'd really like to know is - is anyone using any of these on a VM WFS? (MarvelC) Are you happy with the ROM? Is it trouble?

    Do you have other ROM suggestions?

    I did find a site - with links for lots of different ROMS for MarvelC - but since I'm fairly new at all this - I'd rather have some input from those who use or have used something before I try it. (Maybe with more experience, I won't mind being a guinea pig - but not yet....)

    Thanks for any help - direction - opinions, etc.

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  2. Gryffon

    Gryffon Member

    Hey there!
    Check out the MIUI v4 by Henry_01 from XDA. I'm on US Cellular - MarvelC, but as I have followed rules for VM I'm pretty sure everything will apply to all if not most US CDMA carriers. You can check out my thread here or go over to xda and give the ROM a try. Everything works great except GPS which I'm trying to fix today.

    MIUI v4 over on xda

    Hope it helps, and don't forget to click Thanks if you think I deserve it ;)

    Oh, by the way... there really isn't anything "snappy" that is currently working on our devices as far as I can find. Wilchild is awesome, but saddly has no 'fix' for the CDMA bugs, so wifi, data and gps do not work, all you get is phone. If you can live with that then WC 3 is great. I too am looking for a "snappier" rom, but for now I have to say the MIUI is stable, and properly configured, frees up a LOT of internal memory!
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  3. Mamadanz

    Mamadanz Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the input. I'd love to check it out but I DEFINITELY need the GPS function. Is it totally non-working (like not able to communicate with the satellites) - or is it unpredictable?

    If you get that working - I'd be happy to give it a whirl.

    Sorry to hear nothing snappy....::::sigh:::::
  4. Gryffon

    Gryffon Member

    mamadanz... check out my thread. I updated it, gave up on the MIUI but have found a good working cm9 ROM with working GPS/DATA/WIFI/SMS etc.. still testing though... :thumb:
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  5. Mamadanz

    Mamadanz Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the info. Will try that ROM tonight. The way I'm understanding, I also need to flash GAPPs with it in order to access Google Play - am I correct in that assumption?

    Thanks again, will let you know how it turns out.
  6. Gryffon

    Gryffon Member

    You'll need GAPPS for the Google Play app yeah...

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