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Rooted D4 Fails ICS Install

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ms211994, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. ms211994

    ms211994 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Got tired of waiting for ICS a couple months ago and went ahead and rooted my Droid 4. Did the typical freeze of bloatware apps, left it that way for a week or so to be sure there were no problems, then deleted. Now the installation of ICS, fails at around 10%. From what I'm reading here in the forums, it sounds like my mistake was deleting the bloatware files. My question is....will a factory reset actually revert my phone to it's original state, allowing me to proceed with the OTA upgrade? If so, which method should I use? The reboot with the power and up/down buttons depressed or the factory data reset in my privacy settings?

    Any assistance would be hugely appreciated, I was looking forward to ICS.

  2. rickrabies

    rickrabies Member

    factory reset wont work. im in the same kayak as you.
    rooted. seen update. went to update. fail..hmm..
    factory reset...fail.
    went into superuser and clicked temp unroot..fail.
    went into superuser and clicked temp unroot and survive ota...fail.

    so idk.. :( i hear ics is wonderful...but my phone is being difficult. where are the nerds when you need them :p

    SBF? il try that later today

    dont know if im allowed to post this. but this may be the answer.
    il try it in a minute since iv already bought bootstrap
  3. ms211994

    ms211994 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Nerds? NERDS!! we don't need no stinkin Nerds!
    Except the ones that created the Droid 4 utility below.
    Droid 4 Utility Gingerbread Only - xda-developers
    download the Droid 4 GB only.zip
    Then go to the bottom of the page and click the Droid 4 Gingerbread tool which will take you to the site that has a few instructions, not many but a few. The Droid 4 GB only.zip seems to be standalone for what I did. (I already had the motorola drivers as stuff installed from my previous root. I followed the warning and unrooted first (#4. unroot for motofail (Gingerbread). Then I did (#1 Restore Droid 4 to Gingerbread 219 and ERASE DATA). Had to do the Power up/down several times as the instructions were rather vague, but I got through it and I hope you can too.
    Rebooted, downloaded Gingerbread fresh, rebooted, downloaded ICS and eureka!!

    Good luck with this, it worked for me, I like piddling with my toys, so I just decided to wipe it and start over, you might try to save data #2 if you wish, but I dunno......

    Have fun!
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