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Rooted HTC Eris - Need help...or beer.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by wally247, May 23, 2011.

  1. wally247

    wally247 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    This may get long, I apologize in advance. If you reply, please understand that I am "stupid" and I will need things explained to me as if I am the dumbest person you have ever met.

    If I don't explain something up to par, see sentence above. If I leave something out, it's because I forgot the trillion steps I looked up to perform the rooting process due to being stupid.

    Moving on.

    Last night I rooted my HTC Eris, and I'm pretty sure the stress gave me a heart attack.

    Now, on to my variety of issues/problems/misunderstandings/lack of knowledge.

    I rooted using the information/technique here: Universal Rooting App Procedure (Z4Root) | TheUnlockr

    The ROM I used I found here: [ROM]Plain_JaneT2 V2.0 7/18/10 Stock With everything ROOT!! - xda-developers

    Despite being confused and frustrated, I did manage to root my device without ruining too much, but now I need help with these issues below:

    I backed up my SD card as instructed using MyBackup Pro and the contents of my SD are on my laptop, and apparently on the SD card. I say apparently because mounting just made me wonder where my files are on the actual card.

    My Question(s):

    So, how do I, or can I get the contents of my SD card back onto my device? I do have my most important information such as images, contacts and other goodies like that going, so that's good.

    I realize I can re-download all of my apps and the like, but would prefer to not have to.

    I keep finding various apps that I think could possibly help, but there seems to be some kind of secret society thing going on, because searching the market, or searching AppBrain isn't helping me one bit.


    Because a search for something like "App 2 SD" on AppBrain is easy enough, but do you think I can find it on my actual device from the market?


    It's like it isn't there, hence the reason I feel like the dumbest person on the planet.

    Well, thank God for QR readers, because I can just read the code from AppBrain and install any app that way right?


    Scanning a code with my reader "QuickMark" just gives me "Not Found - The requested item could not be found".

    I can't go to the market and search for what I want though, because of the secret society thing, so that option is out.

    I don't have a question about a QR reader, I'm just using it for my argument.

    Typing all of this out is getting boring, so I'll sum up just in case you may have dozed off during my ramblings.

    1) Where is the stuff (apps, etc...) that is on my SD card? What I mean is...where do I find it, and can I put it back on my device?

    Not being able to put the stuff back on would seem like the entire "backup" procedure was basically a waste of my time...right?

    2) Why are certain (most that I have searched for) apps not in the Android market or AppBrain? On AppBrain.com I can find anything, but I can not find jack using my device. Why would this be?

    3) When trying to install something like "App 2 SD" from Appbrain.com, why do I get this message when clicking "Install": "Your phone is not synced yet. Please install AppBrain to get the app on your phone[/COLOR]"

    My phone IS synced! I did install AppBrain! What does this thing want from me?

    4) If I need something like AppBrain Fast Web installer" to do any of the things that are giving me grief, I obviously am stupid...because I have that installed as well.

    If you think you can help me, I would certainly appreciate that a TON! Sorry for the wealth of useless information, I'm just trying to save you from having to ask me a bunch of questions to help me out.

    If you can't help me, but you feel my pain....leave a note so that I don't get bored or something.

    Thanks all,


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  2. MyNamesTooLong

    MyNamesTooLong Android Expert

    Not gonna lie, I didnt make it through the whole post lol...sounds like you moved your apps to the sd card rooted, and are now expecting the apps to be up and running directly from the sd card?
  3. wally247

    wally247 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I'll make a much shorter list.

    1) Backed up everything to SD before root.

    2) Want files/info from SD back to phone after root.
  4. log1c

    log1c Android Enthusiast

  5. wally247

    wally247 Lurker
    Thread Starter

  6. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Android Expert

    Moving to HTC Eric section
  7. metlcat

    metlcat Android Enthusiast

    First, z4root is not a good way to root an Eris. That site does list it as supported, and it does work, but there are better, more informative and more useful ways to root the phone (this is just informational for anyone who might run into this post. Others have used the same method with problems as well). The first major question is, did you install a custom recovery on the phone? If so, which one? I saw it listed as an optional step on the site you linked to. A custom recovery will allow you to more safely make changes to your phone since you will be able to back everything up and restore if needed.

    To get the files back on your phone, all you have to do is connect your phone to your computer via usb, and drag and drop them to the phone. The phone should appear as a removable drive like a flash drive. Once they are back on your phone, you should be able to restore them with the app you used to backup your apps before rooting.

    I would highly suggest not just restoring the apps, but also preempting any problems rooting with z4 can cause on the Eris.
  8. wally247

    wally247 Lurker
    Thread Starter


    The really big problem with rooting for someone who doesn't read forums all day and night is.....there is horrible documentation to what works well, what kind of works and what doesn't work at all.

    I had a million ways to go, and picked the one with the most outlined steps involved.

    Not to say that the steps were any good, or informative, but at least I wasn't sitting in the dark wondering why it didn't make sense.

    I haven't really restored my phone much yet, so if there is a way to UN-z4 and try a better method, I am all ears.

    Thanks for the reply!

  9. doogald

    doogald Extreme Android User

    Actually, I think that you missed one: http://androidforums.com/eris-all-things-root/127861-universal-eris-root-dummies.html

    This is our preferred method - incredibly documented, works perfectly.

    Based on the steps you show from z4, I assume that you installed ROM Manager, so that you flashed Clockwork Recovery onto the phone? Just as an FYI, you have to be extremely careful using Clockwork, as a few people have ended up bricking their Erises while running Clockwork Recovery. I think as long as you double-check that the MD5 hash of the zip files that you flash from Recovery match what the developer publishes, you should be fine, but, not everyone likes going through the steps to verify MD5 checksums (Amon_RA Recovery, the preferred [by us] recovery image for the Eris, checks all zip files that you flash for signature verification, so a bad download will be caught before you start flashing a bad zip file.)

    There is a way or two to get Amon_RA recovery on the phone using this technical method: [HOW-TO] Safely Switch Back To Amon From Clockwork Recovery - xda-developers

    Another way would be to unroot by flashing the Flashback21_v2 zip file and then re-root using the method above (Universal Root for Dummies). Flashback: [ROM][03/06/2011]FlashBack21 v2 -Return to Factory Stock - March 2011 OTA - xda-developers (you can do the one without the radio.)

    As for custom ROMs, PlainJane is ok, but I think that xtrSENSE is better. For one thing, it returns about 20 to 30 MB of space for users apps and data compared with stock, as well as some other improvements. And, if you really need more space, you can set up apps2sd as well - the steps are all detailed in the first post in the xtrSENSE thread below.

    xtrSENSE: [ROM][GPL][3/15/2011] xtrSENSE5.0.1 [cache2cache,apps2sd,oc,jit]-HTC Sense - xda-developers
  10. metlcat

    metlcat Android Enthusiast

    Yeah, there is a lot of bad information out there. I believe people from this forum have written to that website and asked to have the Eris removed from the list of devices, but it hasn't happened. Doogald covered everything thing else. The Universal root thread is great, pictures and everything. If you have any other questions, don't be afraid to ask.
  11. Dulce14u

    Dulce14u Lurker

    Doogald and Metlcat you both just made me want to cry, smoke a cig( I don't smoke), and go in the garage draw an Eris picture on my punching bag and let loose.

    Z4root is what I used to root my phone after (seriously I swear) Been reading posts on rooting since yesterday around 11am and it's now 5:10. After about 3 hours and trying several different ways z4root was the only one that worked. 1 click htc root didn't work because the volume up and power button didn't do anything but show the white screen with the green doid, I tried this way 4 times alone.

    This phrase here has my eye going like Dizzy from the Tazmazian Devil crew:
    I think as long as you double-check that the MD5 hash of the zip files that you flash from Recovery match what the developer publishes, you should be fine, but, not everyone likes going through the steps to verify MD5 checksums (Amon_RA Recovery, the preferred [by us] recovery image for the Eris, checks all zip files that you flash for signature verification, so a bad download will be caught before you start flashing a bad zip file.)

    huh md5hash, zip, what where?

    My phone has been rooted since last night and still haven't figured out how to "flash" a rom to it. I do know I want froyo tazzv26 but the problem I'm having is NOTHING that has been explained besides: when you find the rom you want. Nothing explains thourghly where the actual downlink is. I've watched video' been re reverted back to posts/and the same how to's over and over. Nothing explains where to click a download link that doesn't send you to mulitple other pages/links.

    Wally247, sorry for taking your shine, I just went on a vent fest.

  12. doogald

    doogald Extreme Android User

    I don't have a lot of time right now, but every ROM that I know of for the Eris have links for download in the xda-developers forum here: Droid Eris Android Development - xda-developers

    Look for the ones that start [ROM] or (ROM). Read the first post of each thread carefully. Don't skim it. There are often instructions for installing that you need to follow: you may need to download and flash a separate Google apps zip file after you flash the ROM that you want, for example.

    Checking MD5 hashes against what the developer says that they should be will tell you that you have both a complete download, plus a verified version that has not been altered by somebody else to add malware or something. The odds of the latter happening from a download posted on the forum I linked above? Very remote. However, the problems of flashing a file that was not downloaded completely and flashed using Clockwork recovery, which does not do what is called signature checks against the zip file before it flashes the file? You can end up with a bricked Eris.

    Don't have much time, but this should tell you how to check the MD5 hash of a zip file: check md5 - Google Search

    Just out of curiosity, what makes you want to have Tazz Froyo and not another ROM? How did you learn of this particular one? Why would you want that one in particular?
  13. Dulce14u

    Dulce14u Lurker

    Googald thank you so much for taking the time to respond, I very much appreciate it. I do understand your instructions, however I'm now afraid to do anything else.

    Is there any way to undo what I've done= Unroot it?
    If yes I would appreciate if you could recommend a form to do so to undo the z4root, hence start with a clean slate in order to follow the root for dummies link I saw somewhere here. I'd rather wait for your educated response then me jump into something I'm not sure of.

    Why Tazz Froyo Gbv26? based on what I've read (from several posts for several droid forum sites)this is I thought would be best for what I mainly use my phone for.

    My main issue is that it lags from about 15-30 seconds to place a call after selecting the contact.

    I mainly use my phone for the following reasons in this order:
    Text (use handcent), Google Navigation, Google Mail, Facebook, YouTube videos, words with friends, twitter, and yahoo im. I use google voice for those folks I don't want to have my main phone number (sad it doesn't mms).
    I don't much use the camera which at first was a big down fall for me cause it has no flash.

    I would like to be able to increase battery and speed and space. I don't like the lock screen protection pattern, I would prefer a password lock screen. I like Vlingo to text people as I speak since I'm on the road a lot and don't believe in texting while driving. .

    If you feel there is a better useful rom for me based on the uses for my phone I would really appreciate and am open to your suggestions being that this your field of expertise and not mine, obviously lol.

    Thanks in Advance.
  14. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User

    fir what its worth,you havent done anything bad. root is root... there are many ways you can skin the cat :) matter of fact,i just used z4 yesterday to see if it would work(it did). as long as you have the superuser app in your drawer and things work,you should be good to go.

    download rom manager from the market(if for some reason you dont have it). use it to flash the alternate recovery(Amon_Ra 1.6.2). once you get the "successfully flashed recovery" you can boot into it to flash a rom,if you want to. at the very least,id boot to recovery,make sure its Amon_Ra,then make a backup and reboot if youre not ready to flash a rom yet.

    you dont need to redo the whole process,unless you just want to. just follow the root for dummies thread starting at post 4(i think) for directions on how to flash/wipe/backup/etc.

    as doogald said, once you get Amon as a recovery,delete rom manager and never use that,or clockwork recovery again :eek:

    then,follow the directions to get scary aliens "trackball optional" recovery and youre good to go :cool:
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  15. doogald

    doogald Extreme Android User

    Just about any custom ROM will fix this. xtrSENSE may fix it best of all.

    Aha. So, it will need to be something other than xtrSENSE, then.

    To be honest, I think that the Gingerbread ROMs are all better, at this point, than any of the Froyo ROMs. If you are Navigating, especially, as the Froyo ROMs all have an issue with a lost GPS lock while navigating after about twenty minutes.

    I would try, instead, any of these three:

    GSB (Gingershedbread) [ROM][6/23] GSB v3.6 Odex/De-OdexFIXED | GB 2.3.4 [CM-7.1.0 RC1 NIGHTLY] - xda-developers
    Condemned Soul's CM7 [ROM] 6/23/11 Condemned CM7 V12 CM7.1 RC 1 - xda-developers
    Ginger Tazz Ginger Tazz THE END s.r.e 6-19- 11 - xda-developers

    For GSB and Ginger Tazz, you must download not only the ROM zip file, but also a separate Google apps zip file. I believe that the latest Condemned Soul does not require google apps flash.

    I'm not 100% sure what z4root does, so I will bow to Scotty's excellent post above mine for the method to get Amon_RA recovery on the phone. Then, you can follow the illustrated instructions at this post (the fourth postin the thread, which should open from the link below) to install a new ROM.

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  16. metlcat

    metlcat Android Enthusiast

    As Scotty said, you don't have to redo the whole process. The only concern is that clockworkmod recovery has caused brickings with the Eris because it doesn't verify the file, as doogald said. The most important thing to do is get Amon_Ra recovery on your phone because it is safer for the Eris.

    Nothing is lost, your phone is not destroyed.
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