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Runescape and farmville etc online games

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by hel_is_heaven, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. hel_is_heaven

    hel_is_heaven Newbie
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    Ok I realise they aren't similar in anyway, but these are the online games I love lol.

    Runescape is a java based game which considering that most games on other mobile phones are java based, in theory should be able to be transferred. The graphics are basic, so there's no worry about that!
    RuneScape - MMORPG - The No.1 Free Online Multiplayer Game

    Farmville and frontierville and other zynga games are flash based. This would be harder. iPhone does already have an application for farmville but you could go one better and get an application to work for farmville, petville, mafia wars, frontierville, and all other zynga games. Unfortunately other than farmville the other games are embedded in facebook and not on their own website. Very difficult to work around!!
    Once again though the graphics are pretty basic so that in itself wouldn't be a problem.
    FarmVille - Zynga

    Love and luck to you all.

  2. nickf77

    nickf77 Newbie

    It might be a little hard to implement all of the mousing-over, clicking, and right-clicking that goes on in Runescape with just a tap and a long tap on Android....

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