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s2 roms and cwm compatability

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by class37s, Jul 9, 2013.

  1. class37s

    class37s Lurker
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    Hi, hope someone can help me, as Im having a bit of an issue with roms and cwm recovery on my s2 international version.

    Ok, Im running android 4.0.3 baseband i9100uhms1 kernel xwlp7cl340913

    I backed up this rom to sd card using cwm recovery

    I decided to give jellybean a try (4.1.2) VJMS4_I9100ZTAMS4_ZTA and I have flashed the jeboo kernel i9100 v1-2a to this rom and rooted it. the cwm version with this kernel is Once I had set up this rom I backed it up to sd card also using cwm.

    No problems so far. But - and this is my issue.

    When I am running jb 4.1.2, cwm will happily restore the 4.0.3 rom to the phone without issue, but when im running 4.0.3 android, cwm will not restore the jellybean backup as it gives an error restoring system so I have to restore 4.0.3 to get an os back again.

    I assume the problem is that cwm is not liking the jellybean rom in some way.

    Is there a kernel that I can use on my 4.0.3 android rom that will support cwm

    Could is use the aforementioned jeboo kernel with my 4.0.3 rom or wouldnt that work?

    I dont want to brick my beloved s2 and would appreciate any advice. Thanks!

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  2. class37s

    class37s Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Update - now flashed my stock ics rom with siyah 5 kernel and all is good. I can swap between roms with both versions of cwm.
    Now to investigate dual booting...

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