Sep 2, 2011

Yesterday, the South Korean company announced it's newest Android powered smartphone - Samsung Galaxy Note. This 5.3 inch monster will feature HD display with Super AMOLED technology and S Pen stylus for better writing/drawing.
I don't see what you mean. I thought this was relevant information to this forums category and I decided to post it. What does it matter if it's from my site or not?
Android Forums doesn't exist in a bubble; we realise that we're but a small part of a much bigger Android community. As such there's no restriction on linking to relevant articles elsewhere, so long as the purpose isn't simply to draw traffic away from AF. A brief summary of the info to allow readers to make an informed choice, as posted here, is just fine. Sharing with the community is good.

The Site Rules put it best. "Be a contributing member, not a spammer." :)