Root SCH-I500 Device not recognized by windows for odin, work around

okay for the samsung fascinate sch-i500 if you are trying to use odin and you keep getting an error message telling you that USB DEVICE NOT RECOGNIZED; I accidently discovered a workaround. Its not the usb cord(s), drivers, or fault with your ports. For some reason the device requires a self-powered usb port. such as a hub.
i used one i got from; plugged it into an old usb psp dual ended power/data cable plugged that in to the charger brick for my phone, plugged my phone in to the powered hub and bingo the computer recognized it with no problem in download mode. with out the powered hub it can't find it.

so the theory is; it needs a self-powered hub in Download mode. I've used this method successfully with 3 sch-i500 phones and it worked each time. without the powered hub they would never come up, but windows would see them as usb massstorage device with no problem.

i don't know why this is. it was just a silly hunch i had and it paid off. in theory it should work with any self-powered usb hubs, but i havn't tried any. if someone else gets success as well with different powered usb hubs please let me know that this isn't a fluke with just these phones and my computer. its always nice to be verified by your peers. :)

here is the link for the hub i used if you want to try it.

the setup for it goes:

5v PSP power cord (the round one with the yellow and/or red tip) into the 5v power port on the hub. for power (the funny thing is you can use the same computer to power this seperate cable, but if you use the cord with both the mini usb and the 5v power connecter on the same usb port it will not work; i know it seems weird but it works.)

a seperate usb mini to type a cord plugged into computer for data link

your samsung sch-i500

sch-i500 or compatible usb cord

follow the odin steps provided with the all things root guide and you'll be flashing roms like a pro in no time.

thats my experience. if someone has an xda-developers account and confirms my story please repost it over there for them and give credit where its due.

good luck



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I'd recommend using a MicroSD card adapter if your PC has an SD card reader it makes it so much easier. Of course this is for moving files around and I haven't a problem with ODIN recognizing my device yet.


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Yeah I had problems and the research I did on it showed hundreds of posts with the same problem. My fix for it was as posted. So I hope it helps other users with Windows7 not finding it. I have to do it for the Galaxy Prevail too that I did for a coworker. I think there might be something wrong with my usb ports on my laptop thats why I have to do it in such a manner.