Help Screen is WAY too sensitive to S Pen!


Accept no imitations!
Holy smokes! Is anyone else having a problem with this? I will be writing an email and - all of a sudden - "email sent"! What? I was in the middle of a sentence and the phone somehow registered an S Pen movement to send it!

Or I'll be shopping for something and an item will inadvertently be added to my cart. Or a photo will be deleted... and the whole time, my S Pen is hovering an inch or two above the screen. I'm not close to touching anything!

Before I posted this I went into Settings and checked to see if there was a way to resolve this. While there was nothing in the Advanced Features or S Pen settings, I noticed that Touch Sensitivity was turned on in the Display settings. This is generally turned on in the winter, when users may wear gloves and need the screen to be more sensitive. I turned it OFF - and hopefully this helps fix the problem.

At least until winter...