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Screen Locks During Call

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mrgou, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. mrgou

    mrgou Newbie
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    I have a repeating, extremely annoying issue: sometimes, but not all the times, while on call, the screen lock completely and cannot be recovered, even after the call has ended. I can only force to shut down the phone by maintaining the side button pushed.

    I think the expected behavior is that the screen should go black when I have the phone to my ear, and get back when I lower it. This just doesn't occur. Pushing where the end call button should display won't even work. It won't even light up if a call comes in.

    Can anybody help me? Is this a known issue or should I ask for a replacement?




  2. mrgou

    mrgou Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I just updated to the latest firmware, but it didn't make a difference: after the call begins, the screen keeps on for a second, then goes definitively black and locked.

    This is completely crippling! A search of Google shows a lot of similar reports, but no one ever seemed to bring a solution! :-(
  3. mrgou

    mrgou Newbie
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    I just thought I'd give an update just in case someone ever looks into the same problem, as I thought I may have found the cause of the issue: however far-fetched it may seem, I'm thinking it may be due to Samsung's own leather case. I noticed this didn't occur back when I had a silicon case, and it still doesn't when the phone is out of the leather case. Better: when the screen goes black, it goes back alive when I remove the phone from the case. I guess the case somehow messes up with the sensors.

    Has anybody heard of something similar?
  4. softwarebear

    softwarebear Lurker

    If you remove everything from the phone ... now make a call ... during the call put your finger over the camera or the speaker slot ... screen goes blank ... remove finger ... screen comes back.

    Yes it is the leather case ... push it firmly to the bottom or shave the bit off that covers the sensors.
  5. ralpha17

    ralpha17 Lurker

    I finally got something to work because I need to have my phone password/pattern protected at all times. I used the "Lock automatically" option under "Security". If the phones turns the screen off automatically, it will not ask you for the password/patern but until the time limit you set under this option to. This option does not work when you lock your phone manually with the Power button.

    I posted this fix in Android Central. Hope it helps.

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