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SD Card Doesn't Show up On Galaxy S4 or PC

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by rockerr1, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. rockerr1

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    As the title suggests, my Samsung Galaxy S4 has been having SD card issues for some time now.

    The problem started just over a month ago, where the phone would randomly unmount and remount the SD card. This drained quite a lot of battery, and some days the problem wouldn't occur at all while on other days it would constantly unmount/remount over and over again.
    Finally, after a few weeks of this I turned the phone off and physically took out the battery and SD card, then put em all back in. This seemed to work and for a while everything was pretty good...Until now. Recently, over a week ago, the "SD card unexpectedly removed" notification came up again. After that, and up till now, the notification "Removed SD card; please insert a new one" comes up constantly, even when the SD is inside the phone. Today, i took it out and tried to reformat it on my PC but the PC couldn't recognize it, and an error kept coming up that said no disk or something like that.

    If someone could please help me ASAP that'd be great, i can't listen to music/take pictures due to lack of memory on the device. The sd card is a PNY 32 GB by the way.


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  2. girolez

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    That does sound like a dog sd card. They do fail sometimes and no amount of trying will bring them back. Before butting another I would try to borrow one from someone to check that it's not the card slot in your phone - but as your pc can't read it either that's unlikely.

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