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Seidio extended battery and right angle charging cable

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by rainierez, May 27, 2010.

  1. rainierez

    rainierez Member
    Thread Starter

    I had to take back my phone and since Verizon is being an ass about things i doubt i will get another. I bought the extended battery from seidio and would love to sell it. I also have a right angle usb cable. would like to sell them both for 40 shipped. pm me.

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  2. TKollman88

    TKollman88 Member

    I will give you $25 for just the battery.
  3. xDarKnighTx

    xDarKnighTx Member

    i'll take it. you take paypal?
  4. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice

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