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Seidio vs Silicon case?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by hal1, May 28, 2010.

  1. hal1

    hal1 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I've seen this asked (within a thread) but no answer yet..

    As far as drop protection, do you think the added "give" of the silicon case may offer better bump/drop protection over the Seidio case (which I loved my past ones)

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  2. zeke88

    zeke88 Well-Known Member

    i like the hard silicon case from VZN. those soft silicon case is like dust lover.....
  3. hal1

    hal1 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Good point
  4. RogerThat99

    RogerThat99 Lurker

    I have the hard silicon case from Verizon also. I like it.
  5. HTCIncredible

    HTCIncredible Member

    I have the red silicon case that is not hard. I like it. And I hacven't had a dust...problem
  6. rukkus

    rukkus Newbie

    I have both the hard glossy silicone case and the seidio case. I think the silicone might be a little more useful in regards to drop protection because as you mentioned it has that little bit of give.

    i'll sell you glossy for 10$ shipped if you want.

    I prefer the look/feel of the seido, plus my fiance bought it for me so i have to use it haha. ;)
  7. gs13

    gs13 Member

    I use the hard silicon case from verizon. Gives it a nice feel and IMHO better bulk to the phone.
  8. cfmistry

    cfmistry Newbie

    I've had a Seidio case before (on my Storm) and the clips eventually broke. It was a pretty common problem on the Storm forums, although Seidio customer service is EXCELLENT and will get you a new case ASAP.

    This time I went with the hard silicone, my girlfriend has it on her iPod and I love the material.

  9. joehero

    joehero Newbie

    I love the silicone case. only downside is the added weight to the phone, but then I used an old original iPod belt holster and it fits like a glove. Perfect combo.
  10. Jedi54

    Jedi54 Well-Known Member

    n00b question since I've never used a case on any phone before.

    What's the Seidio case made of? Is it a hard plastic?
    I like the look of the innocase II and I like the holster idea just a bit hesitant.
  11. seidioseidio

    seidioseidio Android Enthusiast


    Thank you for your comment! The Incredible case has interlocking halves instead of clips. So they are durable and shouldn't have any issues. Here is a good shot of our Nexus One case:


    Our Innocase II Surface is a two-piece slider case that is made out of hard plastic and our signature rubberized coating. The inside features a soft felt lining that protects the device against dust and debris that might get in between the case and phone.

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  12. Jedi54

    Jedi54 Well-Known Member

    ^^^ thank you for the quick and informative answer.
    You've just earned yourself another customer. :)
  13. hal1

    hal1 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Do the halves only have the interlocking mechanism on the back? - 'cause the instructions mentions clips on the side too
  14. Volorn

    Volorn Lurker

    I just got my Seidio case today. I didn't see any clips on the sides. Just a tab near the center of the bottom half and a notch for it on the top. But it doesn't seem to need any. I actually had trouble getting it apart again before I read the small faq card that comes with it. Pull and wiggle all you want but its not coming apart unless you press gently where the tab is on the bottom and slide the top off :)

    I highly recommend this case. Great fit, lightweight and feels tough enough to take a few drops on the concrete. Also like how there are several different colors available even though I still went with black. The soft touch feel is nice bonus as well. Originally bought a silicone one at Best Buy with my phone but I hated it. Just felt to soft and squishy. But I needed a case to protect it until something better was made. This is definitely it!

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