Dec 22, 2013
I have the Rogers infuse 4G with a root installed. I decided i wanted to revert back to the stock rogers kernel and I stupidly decided to wipe everything in recovery mode, I then had a boot loop happening so I wiped everything again. Now all I get is the Rogers boot up screen. No galaxy boot screen, no recovery mode (i hold down the volume buttons and release the power, it does nothing) and it won't stay on. Is there anything I can do? I have it connected to the computer right now but I doesn't seem to be coming up, any ideas?
Wait - you keep mentioning 'kernel' and 'root' and 'wipe' as if any of them had anything to do with any of the others. Which of these three don't belong? All of them.

Rooting is installing su (and a UI so you can allow it to run apps as root).

Wiping data deletes everything you've added to the phone. It won't affect rooting.

The kernel is the basic, down on the metal, operating system. It has nothing to do with data or rooting.

Did you flash a new kernel? Or a new ROM? (They're not the same thing.) HOW did you root? It's important that we know what happened before we can even guess at what might be wrong, so we can tell you what to do to allow us to figure out the problem. Rooting and wiping won't cause a bootloop. Killing the kernel might not even allow you to boot. If you're seeing the Rogers bootanimation, that's one thing, if you're not, it's another.
So I had ChameleonOS for infuse 4G running (4.3 i think), I then went to charge it one day and it got stuck in a boot loop showing the rogers boot screen, the samsung boot screen and the cOS boot screen like it should, but obviously kept looping from there. I went into recovery mode (volume buttons and power method) and chose wipe/factory reset (cant remember the exact name of the option), still was stuck in a boot loop. I then wiped the delvick cache, the internal SD, etc, everything that is an option to wipe in recovery mode i did. Unfortunately I was smart enough to look into instructions on how to revert to a stock version for the infuse 4G. So now I get the Rogers boot screen only, and it will not allow me to choose recovery mode either. Just boots the rogers screen and then shuts off. I put a charger in it and it just shows that little loading dial before it shows the battery charging when the phone is off. This dial is frozen in place the second it shows on the screen.

In turn, I can't boot, can't choose recovery mode and can't charge the battery. ODIN will not pick it up either (or my computer at all for that matter)
Thanks to everyone who has replied and viewed. I decided to just upgrade to an S4 because I had a free upgrade with my WSP. I'll definitely still buy the jig so I can pass on the phone to a friend so thanks for the info. This thread can be closed.