Feb 2, 2011
Hi Guys,

I am looking to buy my first Android phone and want to enter at the lower end of the market. The Wildfire looks like a great phone, ticks almost all the boxes (especially now that 2.2 is being released for it). The one stumbling block for me is the screen resolution. Being only qvga (even lower than my humble LG Cookie) I was wondering if anyone finds the low resolution limiting in terms of what apps can be installed?

I have read that some apps won't run on such a low resolution - but is this common or only for a few apps? Any advice or opinions would be gratefully received. Thanks.

So far it's run all the apps I've thrown at including bread'n'butter apps like Skype, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Latttitude & Maps, Angry bird, YouTube, Wordpress, Echolink , Bump, Skynews & IMDB. Video at the lower res still looks excellent which you'd expect on a small screen. I've yet to find an app that won't work, maybe I've just been lucky?
Only app i found wouldent work was swype and i even managed to find a version of that that worked after looking round the internet.
Cheers Norman
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Thanks for the responses guys - sounds like the Wildfire does fit the bill - it's more the bread n' butter apps I am more likely to run so it's go to know they all work.
Interestingly I have read that the HTC Aria now updated and re-branded as the Gratia for the UK Market will be arriving in February to replace the Wildfire. Should be interesting - I wonder if the Wildfire will drop even further in price when this comes out......
I've just posted a tip on app compatibility here:


I've also found Skype a bit iffy on voice calls.

The Gratia is a very interesting prospect as it basically an Aria for UK/Europe which is basically an HD Mini running Android. I wonder why it's launching with 2.1 and when it will get 2.2?

Also I have no idea how to say Gratia - Gratt-ee-ah? Gray-sha? Grart-ya?
That's interesting, I thought that the Gratia was coming with 2.2 pre-installed. I think it's pronounced Grat-i-a, well, at least according to a review on it by Phones4U on YouTube :eek:)
Yeah its true that wildfire has a low res screen bt if u are looking for a budget phn then i think u should for for it..It has great features and with HTCsense interface which is just great..Go for it!.... :)
i would wait a while and see how much HTC sell the Wildfire S for they got other phones coming out very soon that are much better
better cpu
Better Screen resolution
I think that will be my plan for now - see what price the S comes in. I'm hoping that it will be a win win situation in that either the S comes in at a good price or that the price of the original Wildfire drops further as suppliers try to get rid of the older stock.
Been wanting to buy the Wildfire, although having some second thoughts about the resolution.. Some people say you can actually see the pixels, don't know if this is true though.

Is it worth buying the Wildfire? And when is the wildfire S coming to the stores? Want to see those prices of the WF drop!
yeah you can see each and every pixel i would wait i wish i never bought it because of the resolution and it doesn't even a have a GPU

the new wildfire will :)
hi all,

Picking up on your comments about the apps that will run on a Wildfire.

I have tried to install several apps but cant - has anyone got any ideas please?

Some of the apps in question are -
Words with Friends
Amazon App
Angry Birds

All display an error message that states "The requested item could not be found"

I must admit I am starting to get a bit parranoid that I may have made a mistake with my phone choice!!

Can anyone shed any light on this issue please
one of the best phones for the money, Ive had mine for 8months now and I still love it. For the money you can't go wrong.
I was also worried about screen resolution before I got my wildfire but wanted the low price tag. In the end I went in to a T-mobile shop and got a demo from an actual phone that they kept in a draw - the fake ones on the shelf are useless. I was open that if they could match the internet price (for T-mobile contract) they would get my business but they couldn't. Screen resolution isnt a problem for me. The only app I have missed so far is words with friends.
I am still totally in love with my phone. everyone knows the phones limitations, screen and processor power. but this is what I like about the wildfire.

The audio recording is incredibly high quality and all the dictaphone applications work from the market.

So do almost all the productivity applications.

It is beautifully built.

The size is absolutely perfect for a phone in my opinion.

I like the touch sensitive buttons over the physical buttons of the desire.

The volume button is high-quality and easy to use unlike my sisters Galaxie S. which is smaller and requires a hard push.

It's a great productivity and business tool. It really hangs with the big boys.

I don't play a lot of games though and I think that's where its limitations show.
What about the trackpad - is that a useful addition or do you never use it? I quite like the idea of it myself but I guess HTC have changed their minds as the trackpad has been lost on the Wildfire S.

What about the trackpad - is that a useful addition or do you never use it? I quite like the idea of it myself but I guess HTC have changed their minds as the trackpad has been lost on the Wildfire S.


I would be a little sad if it wasn't there, but I only use it occasionally for a bit of variety.

Occasionally I'll miss where I want the cursor to go a couple of times and swing down to the trackpad and that can be nice. For me it's definitely no dealbreaker, not in comparison to a high resolution screen of the new version.

I wouldn't rule out the San Francisco, it's supposed to be a very legitimate alternative. but I only know how good the wildfire is.
If you target a low end HTC Android device keeping an eye on value for money, go for Wildfire.

The low resolution does not work with a few games.
The processor speed does not allow some application to run properly or results in FCs.

However, it fulfills all expectations you should have from an HTC low end android device.
When i got my wildfire everything looked great. My first smartphone..
Screen was perfect compared to the other phones i had.
If i wasnt told about the screen resolution i would have known any better.
The better resolution screens cost more, you get what you pay for.
Well thats my 2c worth