Similar app to Astrid Task


Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and apologies if I am repeating this thread. As Astrid task is bidding farewell soon and it's frustrating to have to find a new app.

Looking for recommendations for to-do apps that are similar to astrid in the following capabilities:

1) Notification that cannot be slide off: This is the best feature of astrid. When the task is due and the notification appears, you cannot simply slide it off the notification panel unless you click the task and either edit or click complete.

2) Ability to set task date, time and reminder date, time: Another strong feature. For example, a task is due on 02/01/2013 at 0900hrs. Astrid allows the task to be set at the stated date and time and also allows reminder to be set at an earlier date and time. This will make the reminder notification appear on the reminder date and time as well as the due date and time. Astrid also allows multiple reminder date and time.

3) Automatic sorting based on due date: Allows tasks to be sorted based on due date and time accordingly despite having different reminder dates and time.

Is there any other to-do app that caters to all these features?



The Doctor

It also allows for automatic migration of data from Astrid. Activate the show in notifications. I think its disabled by default.


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Hi, I have to agree that Any.Do is the closest app to Astrid in terms of pointers number 1 and 3. However, it does not cater to point number 2. But it's better than nothing right.

Thank you for the recommendation. I am in the phase of getting used to Any.Do now :)