Sep 8, 2011
I'm looking for a smaller form android device with good quality music playback, can anyone recommend one?

the Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 has popped up on my radar, anyone know what the music playback quality is like? Looking through the app store at alternative music players they seem to suggest that Android 2.3 seems to have some advanced sound features(?) and I believe I can upgrade to 2.3 on this device.

I recently purchased a Huawei U8150 IDEOS but have been unimpressed with the flat sound quality (quite happy with everything else apart from battery life). Just before this I had a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic which I was very happy indeed with the music playback quality, but I was keen to jump on to a smarter phone using Android.

Thanks in advance for any advice / recommendations / experiences shared with this device.

I'm relatively new to Android, but I would think that Sony-Ericsson phones might have a better sound quality than most, with the fact that they had that whole Walkman series on their feature phones.

I do recall that, on speaker terms, my sister's Xperia mini sounds a whole lot better than my Galaxy 5.
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Cheers guys - looks like there's a few interesting options from Sony-Ericsson! Will investigate more. Not sure I like the UI tweaks from photos though.

I'm still hoping someone says the Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 has decent quality sound(?) as it's damn cheap and I've been impressed with Samsung's UI tweaks from playing with a mates phone.
Yeah, S-E's UI looks like crap, imho; those four corner dock things just don't look good. I suppose they could be changed with a different launcher, but I can't really verify that because my sister's phone is still running 1.6.

About the Galaxy Mini, and much to my surprise, seems to be even better than my current phone: the color depth of mine being the only advantage; hell, it even has multi-touch support!

In regards to the UI; Samsung has the right track with the TouchWiz, it just seems neater; but consider the chance of using a market-bound launcher that just gives phones a completely different revamp so, unless you're sure that any of the phones you're looking at don't support custom launchers, UI should be dropped a few notches in terms of factors to decide on a phone (but then again, people swear and love the HTC Sense, so yeah...)
Cheers for pointing me in the right direction guys! Particularly the recommendation about the Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini KaosStorm. Just bought one - it's an amazing little device - VERY impressed. I hadn't considered Sony Ericsson devices before. I'm tickled pink! :)

The UI is actually pretty good after a play. A little sensitive, but apart from that it's solid.