Soon to be WM to Android user


I have been a long time Windows Mobile user:
  • 1 Mogul
  • 6 Touch Pro's
  • 5 Touch Pro 2's
I had been running Android 2.2 dual booted on my TP2, and loved it. So I finally made the decision to jump to Android. When my last TP2 crapped out I got a NIB replacement, and sold it and all my accessories to the higest bidder. :D

Now I am just waiting for the EVO and the EPIC to be available to Sprint employees at the end of the month (hopefully) and I will officially make the transition!

I activated a Samsung Instinct on my account while I wait to see if I can make the transition to a phone with no physical keyboard.

If the no keyboard experiment goes well I will be getting the EVO if not the EPIC.