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Sprint Product Ambassador: Final thoughts

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Tetelasti, Oct 28, 2014.

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    Having this device for the last 6 weeks has been fun. The Dotview case alone was very enjoyable and will probably be getting the Dotview case for any HTC phone that I get in the future,

    The Extreme power saving mode has been a life saver on multiple occasions. I mean, 2 weeks of battery life on 1 charge? Just awesome. Cleary the mode to have if you are a very busy person that does not have time to stop and charge your phone.

    The sound of this phone of course cannot be beat! Clear, crisp, loud sound coming right from the front of your phone? I love it. I use it all the time with my Spotify account. Well worth it to buy this phone even if just for the speakers and sound, the rest is just a bonus!

    I have really fallen in love with HTC. They really take care of their customers. The HTC Advantage is proof of that! 100GB of cloud storage? free cracked screen replacement? dedicated product support? 2 years of guaranteed phone updates!? Thanks HTC for taking care of your customer! You guys have hit the mark!

    Overall this phone is a very solid midrange phone. And i say "Mid-range" lightly, because it has the components and look of a top end phone without the price! For the money, you will not go wrong by getting the HTC One E8!
    If you have any more questions or want to see more reviews of the HTC E8 or other upcoming phone, remember to follow me,

    Your Product Ambassador team


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