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sprint update about samsung epic

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by vanilla slab, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. vanilla slab

    vanilla slab Newbie
    Thread Starter

    we all know that sprint has had a page about the Samsung Epic, with the full spec sheet, but there was no sprint news release about the phone which means they were still not about to go all out advertising the phone.

    as of aug. 9th however, they have updated their news page to have the Epic be publicly displayed in their newsroom

    nothing in the link we already don't know (specs wise), but this does mean that they are beginning to make actual advertisements for the phone which only means the release date is drawing nearer :)

    so just wanted to share the news with you

    here's the link Sprint | News Release=

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  2. it.

    it. Well-Known Member

    Good find! I know everyone is frustrated with waiting but I have a feeling this phone will be worth the wait.
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  3. Adrift

    Adrift Android Enthusiast

    Yes, thank you for a good post! Like it., I believe this device is going to be well worth the wait, glad to see some progress even if it is minor.
  4. TRSN

    TRSN Member

    IMO, this phone will be worth the wait. I have been test driving the Captivate for 2 weeks, planning on switching the entire family over to Epics as soon as they are out.

    This phone is sweet. Love mostly everything about it. I do have GPS issues with this device, but I assume that will be resolved.

    Coming from the iPhone 3G, I am still learning more and more about the Android OS every day.
  5. rasstar

    rasstar Member

    That has been there since June 28. How is it new?
  6. kristv

    kristv Well-Known Member

    Yesterday during my lunch, I stopped into a Sprint store for the first time here in Eagan, MN. The guys I talked to there seemed to believe there should be an announcement "any day now" and they'd be very surprised if it wasn't launched by the end of the month. They also confirmed that 4G will be officially available no later than the end of October, but that was a conservative estimate (they believe it will be much sooner...4-6 weeks is what they are saying).

    Take this for what it probably is: hopeful speculation. But my thought is: if the Sprint guys are feeling confident that the Epic is likely to be released in the coming weeks then that's probably the case. I bet they make an announcement by the end of this week and are selling by the end of the month, like they planned all along. :)
  7. Adrift

    Adrift Android Enthusiast

    Or they could do what Verizon just did, give one day of preorders and then have the phone in stores. No need for two weeks (or more) of waiting after the announcment of release date.
  8. flynlow

    flynlow Newbie

    I'm feeling like we may know something tomorrow. Like maybe it will be available to get it online soon. Like within 10 days from tomorrow.
  9. kristv

    kristv Well-Known Member

    Very true!

    Oh, and I should have been more specific about my 4G comments....I was speaking of just the Twin Cities area, of course. Not the entire country! :D
  10. ub3r-l33ch

    ub3r-l33ch Member

    Why is everyone even complaining that the phone hasn't been released yet? No one is forcing you to buy this phone. lol I think it's kind of funny everyone going nuts posting this and that and getting frustrated over the rumors not being true etc. It will come out when it comes out, geez.
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  11. The Tick077

    The Tick077 Member

    I really don't see much complaining in this thread??? I think most people are excited about the phone and can't wait until it is launched. Think kids on the week leading up to Christmas. They complain that they can't open presents, but it is all out of excitment not true anger or real frustration (now some people are truly frustrated, but they are the exception and not the rule from what I normaly see around here).
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  12. beldorian

    beldorian Newbie

    The sun came up and the sun went down which only means the release date is drawing nearer :)

  13. SebastianX

    SebastianX Android Enthusiast

    The only fact about that fact sheet is there are no facts about a release date, and that's a fact!
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  14. Scientific

    Scientific Newbie

  15. iBleedBlackNgold

    iBleedBlackNgold Android Enthusiast

  16. bdforte69

    bdforte69 Well-Known Member

    Until it comes directly from Sprint, as in not "according to a dude my uncle knows, who has a buddy that works at a Sprint kiosk in the mall," then WHO CARES?

    I am so over waiting, but I think I am beginning to get 'more' over people guessing when the wait will be over! Yes, the wait is ridiculous. I have posted numerous times about just how much so, but this constant posting of threads that imply there is some hard information that turn out to be complete bunk, is making my brain bleed!
  17. New2droids

    New2droids Lurker

    Hey everyone...

    I'm sure all or most of you who are anxiously following the Epic have already register with Sprint and/or Samsung for updates and probably received the same email that I did earlier today but, since I haven't seen any mention of it yet I thought I would let you all know that I got an email from samsung regarding the phone. I registered on the Samsung page about a week ago so I would be notified when the Epic is available and this is the first email I've gotten from them. Doesn't say anything about a release date, but it still makes me think that its just around the corner...maybe two corners lol...

    I'm hoping that the release will coincide with the end of their current online promotion since this Saturday (8/14) is the last day and I recall a mention of Sprint releasing some phones on Sundays...makes sense to me...

    We'll just have to continue to wait patiently (or not so patiently). The way I look at it though, whether they release it this month or next, I'll still be having an early Christmas! :p
  18. LatinP

    LatinP Android Enthusiast

    What e-mail I didn't get one could you copy/paste it here?
  19. New2droids

    New2droids Lurker

    It won't let me copy/paste but its basically a "Thanks for signing up with Samsung" message and also says that I am "now first in line for updates regarding the Galaxy S launch date." I checked my calendar because I made a note on the day that I registered and it was closer to 2 weeks ago. If it was just a "thank you" and nothing more I would have expected it either immediately after signing up or at least within a couple days.

    LatinP did you register on the Samsung site for Galaxy S updates?
  20. LatinP

    LatinP Android Enthusiast

    LOL I know the e-mail you're talking about now yeah I got that weeks ago that's the basic e-mail you get after you sign up for updates. Are you sure you got that today?
  21. New2droids

    New2droids Lurker

    yeah, I check my email multiple times a day. How long did it take them to send it do you?
  22. SebastianX

    SebastianX Android Enthusiast

    I dont remember I think the next day or so.

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