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Stratosphere 2 rocks

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by JoeFresco, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. JoeFresco

    JoeFresco Member
    Thread Starter

    Just upgraded from a Stratosphere 1 (previously OG Droid), and I'm loving the hardware/performance of the Strat 2. It adds the notification light from the Droid and is basically everything I ever wanted my phone to be. I even like Samsung's additions to the notification dropdown, though I'd still rather have AOSP. I don't have any issues at the moment... I'm just wishing the phone got more attention so it would get rooted/Cyanogenmodded since Samsung isn't going to support it with updates.

    This is the best QWERTY phone you can buy. My wife has a Captivate Glide and the notification light, interface, LTE, and Snapdragon S4 put this over the top.

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  2. AresRising

    AresRising Newbie

    Still searching for a root for the Strat II myself; if you happen to find one, please, PLEASE post it in the "root" forum. :D

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