swype expired!


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Just checking to see if anyone has posted a link to a swype app that isn't expired.

Its late and I was hoping to get a list of similar threads when I typed this thread title to see if its been posted. Got a little ahead of myself, so if this has been posted just give me the link and I'll ask the mods to close this thread.



Posted by sed.
There you go.


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Pardon my noobness, but what do I do with the file after I download it?

Use a file manager app like Astro File Manager to locate and install the file.
You will then need to go to Settings>Language&Keyboard and make sure Swype is checked. Then go to you text app and long press on the text entry box. You will get a popup. Select Input Method and select Swype.

You should be good to go after that.


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Maybe one of you can get on Sh0ebox's good side and get him to update his downloads for the Eris beta version as he did for the Droid. I really liked the black theme he did, and as soon as I got my Droid yesterday that was one of the first things I downloaded to my phone. :D

If he ever does here is the link:


I already checked and the Eris is not updated to the beta in the downloads but the Droid is. Like I said maybe someone can get him to do it.


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I may be missing something, I don't see a file or a link associated with the post....is it me?? :eek:

Make sure you have a barcode scanner of some sort from the Market (Shop Savvy, Barcode Scanner, etc.). Then scan the square dot pattern with your phone. It will download it.