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Threat against app from a user, is this some kind of scam?

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by tliebeck, Dec 28, 2009.

  1. tliebeck

    tliebeck Well-Known Member
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    Four days ago I released an Android app for the first time, "WebSharing", which lets a user transfer files/content from their phone to their computer's web browser over wifi. Today I received this message from an angry user:

    The app of course has no such capabilities...it employs the slightly less diabolical "sell an app to users for a few bucks and (hopefully) profit" business model. (The app is a free beta with an expiration at the moment, but will be a paid app.)

    I'm just curious if anyone has seen similar accusations/threats from users before? I'd love to give the guy the benefit of the doubt and assume he's a computer illiterate with a busted router and simply needs to make an appointment with the local Geek Squad / Nerd Herd. I further can't imagine this as a scam as I have no idea how one could benefit from it. But I've only been on the Android market for four days, so I figured I'd ask those who have been here far longer for any insight.

    Will probably send the person a polite response suggesting he reboot his wireless router and computer.

    In any case, appreciate any suggestions, and would love to hear if you all have to deal with this sort of issue on a day-to-day basis, or if I'm just "that lucky" in having this particular individual download my app.


  2. eclipsed4utoo

    eclipsed4utoo Android Enthusiast

    Sounds like a moronic user who has no idea what they are talking about. His router probably got hard booted, which would have wiped the security and reset the password, and he thinks that since your application was the last to access his network, that your application is at fault.

    I ended up putting a disclaimer when opening my app to say that I am not responsible for any damage that might occur from using my app.

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