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Tips tips/bytes about android phones

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bunanson, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. bunanson

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    Jun 10, 2011

    Jun 10, 2011
    If there is no links, they are from google play FREE, no root needed

    1) antutu bench test and overclock (dont do it if you dont know what is overclock), bench mark 4650, the highest non-dualcore phone/tablet I own.

    2) sshdroid coupled with winSCP - talked to winPC with a graphical UI and an explorer interface; allows to push/pull/delete/set permissions... without having to 'learn' linux. install sshdroid from google playstore and winSCP to your winPC, use all the default parameters 1st, to make sure your phone talk to winPC, then you can start custom modification. When 1st open sshdroid, it will give you an address: sftp://root@ . now start your winscp on your winPC, new
    File protocol
    SFTP, host name:, port number 22 or 2222.
    use name: root (if your phone is rooted; you do not have to root to use winscp.) password: leave it blank; private key file, leave it blank, click Save; then click Login, wait a little bit, tada you are now talking to your phone with explorer UI.

    3) ADBwireless you are addicted to adb, but too lazy to insert USB cable or your USB driver is not set up yet or not available for your box, try adbwireless. Just like adb, but without the hassle of usb cable/driver. I posted a short step-by-step guide here.

    4) gps offline use - GoogleMap offline use (ver 6.6 and above) and copilotGPS - dont have to be online and getting voice and turn by turn instructions. Oh sure, it is FREE.
    googlemap offline use is pretty cumblesome, and no route alteration when offline, it does come with all the advantage of googlemap, easy, search, etc. I prefer copilot, much polish, a commercial product with frequent update and is FREE - for 1st map. I get the whole USA map 1.2G and has turn-by-turn instructions, and does not require to be online. More discussion here. NavFREE USA is fine, use openstreet map rather than googlemap. Bigger audience in Europe. OruxMaps - very powerful. And that is a problem, one has to read the manual in order to use it. Mainly for russians. I stick with the simple copilot.

    5) build.prop is 3 pages, tons of options to tweak. I have posted here post #12. If you do not know what is build.prop, this is NOT for you. You can soft brick your phone from tweaking the bulid.prop.

    Please chime in and share,




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