Help UK Vodafone MMS settings


Hey all.

I can't receive MMS messages from friends. Vodafone UK have sent me three seperate PDF files by emails, giving me instructions how to set up MMS, WAP and WEB. They are suggesting that I set up 3 seperate APN profiles - is this right?

I already have an APN profile called "Vodafone PAYMONTHLY" where I have data set up.

Can I just add MMS settings in that one?

Can someone also confirm their MMS settings on Vodafone UK?



I have just taken out a vodafone contract from CPW. My phone is unlocked/unbranded like many others. When I started the phone and put in the sim it, a pop up asked me what contract I was on. I.e PAYG or Monthly. I just selected monthly and the phone set itself up.

I then put my O2 sim in and the same pop up appeared and I selected O2 Monthly. And again the phone set itself up.

I then put my vodafone sim back in and run through the same process.

What i'm getting at is, if you do have another sim handy put that in and set the phone up. Then put your vodafone sim back in and run through the set up process.

Worked for me, maybe it would work for you.

Hope this helps.


Pop into a store, if the persons worth his weight in salt, he/she will send u the settings as its a quick 2minute process


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Well its all very odd. I am able to send myself an MMS, and I can send them to other people (and they receive them OK), but when I receive one from someone else, all I get is a message saying that I've recieved one:

Message From: Joe Bloggs
Message Size: 260KB
Expires: Nov 05

And a "Download" button. Pressing the button changes it to "Downloading", but it never does.

Vodafone sent me MMS settings on a PDF via email, which I've followed and set up exactly as instructed.

Any help appreciated.


Oh, rite well i usually get people to come into store too look at it, are you using htc's native app or handcent, chomp etc?

Short of that id say take it into a store, tell them the problem and they can usually fix it, thats what i tend to do in store rather than fobb you off with those pdfs which dont always work.