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Unexplained Battery Drain

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by andrewduerden, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. andrewduerden

    andrewduerden Newbie
    Thread Starter

    This is not something that happens frequently but the fact that it happens at all is annoying ...

    I'll set my phone's alarm to wake me in the morning, will put the phone into airplane mode and go to sleep. By the time morning comes around the battery has died and therefore no alarm went off. Before going to bed the battery has had at least 50% charge - easily enough for it to get though the night in airplane mode.

    I'm thinking that there is some rogue app hammering the CPU in the background but as the battery has died I'm unable to use the feature that checks whats been using the battery.

    Has anyone else experienced this? I'm running the official 2.1 software.
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  2. Amitprsingh

    Amitprsingh Newbie

    I had a battery drain problem also, but my version was on Froyo 2.2, with the Galaxy 3 (I5800), upgraded from Eclair 2.1 with ODIN.
    Which Galaxy Phone are you using?

    I have since downgraded back to 2.1 due to this until I find a fix.
  3. hexdsl

    hexdsl Newbie

    Do you have any type of task manager? are there some apps loaded?
  4. selva_pdy

    selva_pdy Lurker

    I am also facing the same Battery drain problem. The situation here is I have around 50% charge in my mobile. When I talked for about 10mins whole battery drained away. I have switched off Wifi, GPS, Data Connection services. Dont know why am I getting this? Could anybody help me out??

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