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USB Driver Problems

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Talyn, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. Talyn

    Talyn Member
    Thread Starter

    I hope this isn't a re-post in here.

    I'm having problems with the computer stop recognizing the device, thus killing AZILink.
    It doesn't recognize the phone till restart.

    Am I the only one with this issue?
    Does anyone know a fix, or what the cause is? Driver? *shrugs*
    it will keep charging, but the USB Signal wont come up on the phone, so I know its not recognized someplace anymore.

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  2. Talyn

    Talyn Member
    Thread Starter

  3. agent0014

    agent0014 Android Enthusiast

    I'm pretty sure others were reporting this in the tethering thread, you may want to check it. I forget the name but it's several pages long and should be on the first or second page of this forum. Unless those "others" were you posting there previously, lol.
  4. Talyn

    Talyn Member
    Thread Starter

    I posted about it there once or twice, and nobody replied to it.

    It was getting progressivly worse today. It would only recognize the device while tethered for 5 mins tops for a few times there.

    It only happens if your tethered though.

    I restarted, and have been online for 25 mins now so far. See how long this one lasts.
  5. Talyn

    Talyn Member
    Thread Starter

    I should probably post that I'm running win7 32 bit.

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