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used samsung exhibit

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by glamgirl0201, Dec 25, 2011.

  1. glamgirl0201

    glamgirl0201 Member
    Thread Starter

    Im thinking about switching to tmobile and I wanna get an samsung exhibit, but having problems finding it. I wanted to get one with one of the value plans tmobile offers being im a college student and can't really afford a pricey plan. I know you have to have a phone already, so where can buy a used one or new one at a descent price? Im trying not to spend no more than $120.

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  2. glamgirl0201

    glamgirl0201 Member
    Thread Starter

    Also im not purchasing until Feb, im just doing some research until then
  3. surgerush

    surgerush Android Enthusiast

    Try eBay, Amazon, and post a WTB thread in the classifieds on these forums.
  4. Baddude8

    Baddude8 Newbie

    I got my used 4 months old, Exhibit 4G. $95 shipped. This thing is like brand new. Love it. Messing around with it like crazy. I used T-Mobile Prepaid.
  5. glamgirl0201

    glamgirl0201 Member
    Thread Starter

    where you get it for $95? That's definitely in my price range
  6. Baddude8

    Baddude8 Newbie

    Actually, the guy was selling it for his niece as she got a new phone on a new contract. He wanted to sell for $150 but I was and still am unemployed and not qualify for benefits, so I offered him $95. It was before Christmas and he felt for me being unemployed.
    He and I are good friends now but we never met yet.
    I would say good life experience. I have seen these for $150. Watch who you are buying it from. Too many scams out there.
  7. glamgirl0201

    glamgirl0201 Member
    Thread Starter

    yea the cheapest I seen was about 140...tried getting it lowered by using the same story(I've been outta work a yr) but guy wasn't hearing it. im seriously considering just getting the newer version
  8. Baddude8

    Baddude8 Newbie

    Try going to FS/FT forums like Hardforum.com or Anandtech.com.
    I have been trading there since 2000 so almost every knew me there. I still remember the first time buy.com just opened up and they were giving away coupons $10 of $10. Back then when the economy was not this bad.
    Good luck. I don't even bother with Ebay any more b/c:
    1) You can be scam.
    2) You don't know the people there and their stories are never truthful, most of the time.
    3) They are mostly there to make a buck rather just trying to get rid of unwanted stuffs.
    You be better off going to Craig's list in your area.
  9. surgerush

    surgerush Android Enthusiast

    As long as you pay through PayPal, it's pretty hard to be scammed on eBay. They've made sure of that over the years. I'd be more leary of buying off Craigslist that eBay... Once you buy it from whoever off Craigslist, the deal is over, even though there might have been something they didn't tell you and you might not have noticed when you bought it. On eBay, you can file a claim on eBay as well as Paypal if there is something wrong with your item that they didn't state in there auction.

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