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Verizon Requires Photo Copy of Social Security #

Discussion in 'Android Carriers' started by DavidTaylor, Feb 24, 2019.

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    I have big concerns over Verizon's Online ordering practices. Thirteen days ago, my wife and I decides to switch carriers from Sprint to Verizon Wireless and buy new phones. Each of us were paying Sprint over $ 85.00 a month and we were Sprint customers since 2003.

    We reviewed Verizon's 55 plus program and thought it would dramatically reduce our current Sprint bill. Sprint's plans were not as good AND we had older phones (Samsung Galaxy S4) which had no trade-in value. Plus the carrier signal was terrible at our home with Sprint. I heard that Verizon's carrier signals were much better, so I decided to check out Verizon. Here is what happened.

    On Feb. 11, 2019 (Monday), I reviewed Verizon Wireless' website and chose 2 phones and carrier service under the 55 plus program. An online assistant walked me through the ordering process. I provided all information on their secure website (including my social security number). My credit check past without any problem (since I was buying new phones and carrier service). After receiving full approval, the assistant informed me that Verizon Wireless will be directly billing my debit card (bank account) for $ 105.00, to pay the taxes on our new phones. She informed me that I would be receiving an email very soon to confirm the sale.

    In a matter of minutes, I received an email notification, requesting that I confirm my order. which I did. Then, 23 minutes later, I get another email from Verizon Wireless, requesting that I upload a photocopy of a government issued ID or valid driver's license. I uploaded a photocopy of my driver's license (front and back) to their secure website. The email said that they would get back with me in a few minutes, either by phone or email.

    Three hours later, I decided to call Verizon Wireless to find out if they had completed the ordering process. I was told no because Verizon Wireless was now requiring a photocopy of my Social Security card before they would allow the order to be approved. Customer service transferred me to the fraud division. After speaking to fraud division, they demanded me to email a photocopy of my Social Security card via email to vzfraud@verizonwireless.com . I informed the Fraud Division that I would NOT photocopy my Social Security card and email it to them.. I was told unless I did as requested, they would not complete my order. I refused to comply and told them to cancel the order.

    That very same day, Verizon Wireless withdrew $ 105.00 from my bank account. They did not return any money until Feb. 19, 2019. I know that this is a very lengthy post but I wanted to provide as much detail as possible.

    So here is my concern -
    Can Verizon Wireless require a photocopy of your Social Security card via email, as a pre-sale requirement, online?

    If yes, then how is it legal for them to withdraw money from my bank account BEFORE the sale is approved and then deny approval because I refused to provide a copy of my SS card even though my credit report came back positive and they had a copy of my driver's license?

    More to add. - Verizon Wireless had a full complete credit report (and approved it). They also had a copy of my driver's license, home phone # (not cell) and residence address. Also, I do not recommend sending Social Security card copies via email and it is my understanding that only employers and government agencies have the authority to photocopy a Social Security card.

    How do I know if Verizon is not giving/selling my ID to less reputable businesses?

    Any comments..?

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    That seems...odd. If it were me I'd head right into a corporate store and have a full blown hissy fit in person.
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  3. Dannydet

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    I never conduct any phone / carrier transactions online, always in person at a brick and mortar physical store....
    I set up my down payment and monthly payments in the store with an associate.
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