Video on Note


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Transfering DVD from PC to Note 8, Kies wants to "convert" but says it will take 4+ hours.

I didn't have the patience to have my note plugged into the PC that long.

It still seems to play but I can't get full screen. It give me a number of options but not that.

Is conversion of files needed?

Can you do full screen?


PS I've tried both the Player that came with the Note and BS Lite which works very well on my not Samsung tablet.


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I use MX Player. I just drag and drop my videos into the Note 2. I never used KIES for it. I don't have any issues with it to date. Only issues I experience is if playing back AVC video using FLAC audio codecs. Playback is choppy. Or THX, which won't play audio because the codec is not supported.