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VillainROM 10

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MattGarner, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. MattGarner

    MattGarner Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Haha, not released yet. But some good news for the Hero owners!

    VR10 - Based on the OFFICIAL 2.1 OTA Update for GSM HERO!

    Been reading the tweets on: Nathan Russell (nprussell) on Twitter

  2. jan2lid

    jan2lid Member

    Very exciting news I agree. I will NOT be flashing the 'official' update ;)
  3. jan2lid

    jan2lid Member

  4. tojjer

    tojjer Android Enthusiast

    So then, any good?
  5. Jaffa

    Jaffa Android Expert

    Just flashing, will report back in 24 hours... Very excited!
  6. tojjer

    tojjer Android Enthusiast

    Think I'll give it a go too, what the heck. Just worried about this new radio img with Orange. Some seem to say it won't work at all, some say no problem, some even say DON'T FLASH ON ORANGE !!!!!
  7. Jaffa

    Jaffa Android Expert

    No need to change from your current radio
  8. Jaffa

    Jaffa Android Expert

    FB is missing you need THIS package to add it..
  9. tojjer

    tojjer Android Enthusiast

    Cheers Jaff. Tried flashing the new radio onto my Modaco3.2, but it asked for a network pin number. Wouldn't work anyway, back on the old one now.
  10. tojjer

    tojjer Android Enthusiast

    Installed and seems good. MMS worked straight out the box for me on Orange
  11. Jaffa

    Jaffa Android Expert

    It's very smooth, battery life seemsgreat also
  12. X-Adz-X

    X-Adz-X Newbie

    Link won't work! :(

    Does GPS work?
  13. ronin

    ronin Newbie

    I like a lot!

    Seems very smooth and fast - a nice change from the nightmare 6.2 gave me.

    No issues as yet...
  14. Jaffa

    Jaffa Android Expert

    Gps. Works.. and mms. Facebook needs some work
  15. jan2lid

    jan2lid Member

    Working smooth as anything! Well done those guys :)
  16. rudders64

    rudders64 Lurker

    Anybody had a problem with the keyboard no coming up? Full wipe to install V10 (Looks great, thanks guys much better than the ill fated 6.xx), all working well but when I am in an input field the keyboard stubbornly refuses to show.

    Sorry my bad, One last reboot fixed the problem, All good now thanks again for all the work:)
  17. Jaffa

    Jaffa Android Expert

    Does anyone have Facebook syncing with people?
  18. Jaffa

    Jaffa Android Expert

    Aplired the OTA FB update, my keyboard stopped working... Anyone else/?

  19. X-Adz-X

    X-Adz-X Newbie

    Villainrom.co.uk still isn't working.
  20. Jaffa

    Jaffa Android Expert

  21. X-Adz-X

    X-Adz-X Newbie

    You're lucky =[

    Tried both Opera and Windows Explorer

    ould not locate remote server

    You tried to access the address VillainROM Forums • Index page, which is currently unavailable. Please make sure that the Web address (URL) is correctly spelt and punctuated, then try reloading the page.
    Make sure your Internet connection is active and check whether other applications that rely on the same connection are working.
    Check that the set-up of any Internet security software is correct and does not interfere with ordinary Web browsing.
    If you are behind a firewall on a Local Area Network and think this may be causing problems, talk to your systems administrator.
    Try pressing the F12 key on your keyboard and disabling proxy servers, unless you know that you are required to use a proxy to connect to the Internet. Reload the page.
  22. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42

  23. X-Adz-X

    X-Adz-X Newbie

    Lovely, thank you very much :)
  24. phillevy

    phillevy Android Enthusiast

    Well I couldn't wait any longer for MoDaCo and as this supports apps2sd I thought I'd give it a go.
    There were a few things I had to sort out at first like Facebook and enabling paid market apps, but I have to say this ROM is such a huge leap forward for me. From the speed of bootup to the responsiveness of the UI, browser and scrolling, this is a dream. Everything is perfect now. MoDaco will have be something truly special for me to wipe again in the near future. This is definately a keeper!:):):)

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