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Feb 10, 2012
I think quite a few of you would like this. I was roaming around XDA and found MIUI d2lte builds. The latest build came out yesterday. It's Android 4.4.4. I haven't tested it personally. But I believe there wouldn't be any problem using it. You do have to flash Android 4.4.4 GAPPS and APN Settings fix along with the ROM. Have fun.

Flash in this order:

1) MIUI d2lte build
2) Android 4.4.4 GAPPS
3) APN Settings fix

MIUI ROM d2lte

Android 4.4.4 GAPPS

APN Settings fix
I got it lol I had a brain fart.Sucks getting old :)

True friggen that. Thanks for testing it for me. I saw on Google+ and XDA that people were running it. I know there are fans here of MIUI. So, I figured I'd post it to the forum.
Works very well for me. Only problem I'm having is finding out how to change the lockscreen shortcuts after setting defaults without having to remove the defaulted app (after hitting the 'don't ask me again' checkbox of course).
Anyone else having problems with the data constantly connecting and disconnecting? I would love to use this rom but unless I can figure it out I cant.... Any suggestions? TIA
Did you go into settings and change data mode to CDMA/LTE/EVDO ?

Yes, Maybe I flashed it in the wrong order? I Flash rom, then gapps then apn fix. Should i flash the rom and gapps then reboot to the system and then flash the apn fix?