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Voice search

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by hashmat, May 25, 2010.

  1. hashmat

    hashmat Member
    Thread Starter

    How can I conduct voice search without have to turn on Data?At the moment it tells me "connection problem"
    In settings I have disabled everything which may need data connection and have green ticks on the following,
    note everything.
    Any suggestion will be appreciated.

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  2. fido1357

    fido1357 Newbie

    Voice search works through Google. If you don't allow a data connection it won't work.
    hashmat likes this.
  3. Replay

    Replay Newbie

    I am in the same boat as Hasmat.
    I am connected by WIFI but alway get this message when using voice search in google search or in sms/email composing.
  4. hashmat

    hashmat Member
    Thread Starter

    What fido said
  5. Replay

    Replay Newbie

    I don't know what is meant by "data connection", do you mean network connection as in not wifi but the provider? because everything else is working under wifi, email, market, maps etc.

  6. lekky

    lekky Lover

    It should still work under wifi
  7. Replay

    Replay Newbie

    Thanks for clearing this. I couldn't get it to work using wifi or 3g network. :(
    I live in Oman and VOIP is restricted by the ISP:mad:. so maybe that what it is.:rolleyes:
    Why would a voice to text require VOIP anyway?:thinking:
    I bought this phone for this cool feature and now I can't use it :eek:
  8. fido1357

    fido1357 Newbie

    Your ISP probably registers it as VOIP because you are sending voice via a data connection to google rather than the phone network so technically it is VOIP. I guess your ISP has some kind of software to analyse the data you send and can tell.
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  9. philgriffiths

    philgriffiths Lurker

    How do I use my voice search to find apps and call contacts? When I used it it just brings up what I've spoken in a google web search. Do I need extra apps or are there some settings I haven't found yet!?

  10. clintyboy12

    clintyboy12 Lurker

    Shame to see this hasn't been answered yet.

    I've just got my 1st Android phone in a Desire HD. I think it is a very cool phone with seemingly unlimited possibilities... as long as you have a data connection!

    It seems a bit strange that to search for something that is on the phone you need to have a data connection. Agree that you can always type in the search but where people do not have unlimited data contracts (and in the UK these went away a while ago) I don't want to be using up data for simple voice searches.

    Also this ties in with the inability to provide a simple handsfree bluetooth connection - this is something that should be a staple of all phones, not a luxury add-on. Do we live in the 90's or something?
  11. carperkm

    carperkm Member

    I know this isn't really connected but thought it might raise a smile or two. When using voice search on Google maps, I spoke the word newquay but it heard what I said as nude teens. Not a good thing to be searching for!
  12. Replay

    Replay Newbie

    @ clintyboy12
    ًWhat exactly is not answered?
    This thread is old and with the new ROMs voice search works with WIFI as well.
    To start voice search in the Market press the Microphone icon in the keyborad and say the app name.
    For contacts say "call" and then the contacts's name.

    Another free app is called Vlingo can be used to do more things, like turn bluetooth on or off, convert currency, translate, write messages and more...
    I agree with you that the voice actions like sms writing shouldn't require internet connection.

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