Help volume lock during call?


Android Expert
Is there a way (or app) to stop changing the in-call volume. Reason I am asking, is that I tend to bump the volume rocker during calls and it keeps going up/down. Is there a way to set it and then if you want to change it you have to confirm the change or something?

I read about ring guard, but does that work during calls? Thanks.


I am having the same problem. I tried the volume locks in the market place but they do not yet work on the HTC Incredible. The volume adjusts way too easily. Playing games it is difficult at times with out hitting the volume. The same with the power button. Almost every time I change the battery out the power turns back on. I put the phone in a side belt case and the power goes off and on as I move. I bought a think rubber case to see if it helped out the volume button issue, but it did not. Still way to sensitive.
A volume lock please Android!!!