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vsandroid: Integrated development of Android NDK C/C++ software under Visual Studio

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by Gavin_Pugh, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. Gavin_Pugh

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    I've just released an open-source tool which allows compilation of NDK-based apps under Visual Studio.

    Here's a list of features:

    • Compile and link Android C/C++ projects within Visual Studio.
    • Integrated development, no makefiles. Works as another 'Platform' type.
    • Android settings co-exist within the same VS projects as other platforms.
    • Supports static library projects, and links them in if marked as project dependencies.
    • Intellisense and 'External Dependencies' correctly pull in Android NDK headers.
    • Cygwin install is not required.
    • Around twice as fast as using ndk-build under Cygwin. For full rebuilds, and incremental changes.
    • Ctrl-F7: compile single file functions, has no dependency checking wait.
    • Supports invoking ant after linking, such that you end up with a packaged ready-to-deploy .apk file.

    Download it here:

    Hope it's useful to some of you. Feedback, comments, bug-reports welcome! :)



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