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warning CUSTOM os appear on my phone but still downloading until now.

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by charlymae, Jan 1, 2014.

  1. charlymae

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    after i update my tablet it was stuck for couple days, so i press the power key and the up and down volume, but it says warning custom os, so i hit the down key but nothing happen its hang up with the samsung logo, so i try pressing the power up and down keys and warning custom os appears again this time i try the upper volume key, so its downloading but until now its still downloading, how long should the custom os downloading? what should i do to my samsung galaxy 7.7 to make it work again? pls help me...


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  3. Rukbat

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    Custom means that you flashed a custom ROM or recovery. If it's trying to download an update it won't do it.

    If you never did anything to the tab, contact the place you bought it, because you got a used one.
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  4. Hi, I had the same problem with my S4. Whenever the phone goes off and I try to turn it back on the annoying 'Warning' Custom os comes on and I couldn't turn my phone on.

    I read a few articles and discovered that it has to do with your volume button. I dropped my phone a few days ago and read that if the volume button is stuck that this happens. So I went to the kitchen and go a sharp knife, put the blade to the side of the volume button and pulled it up on both ends, to my amazement, the phone turned on!!! (make sure its plugged in because whilst that warning is on the phone doesn't charge)

    Now I have to go and get my volume button looked at because it is a stuck volume key that causes this. It must be a secret sequence that the phone companies use to change an os. I also read that Knox program can cause it, nevertheless, the volume button release worked.

    Hope that helps.
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