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Accessories What size should I get?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ElJudge, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. ElJudge

    ElJudge Member
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    Apr 19, 2010
    Want to pick the brains of some experts!

    Am currently using the stock SD card in my desire. Had some trouble with it crashing, though have found since moving over to Launcher Pro that this has stopped (tho' that may be coincidental).

    I don't use my phone for much in the way of videos, but do point and shoot pictures, and do have some music on it...currently about 15 albums. Am reaching the capacity of my current card and am looking to get another. Can't decide whether to get 8gig or 16gig - although am pretty certain from http://androidforums.com/desire-accessories/118456-16gb-class-6-microsd-baragain.html thread that I'm going to go with either the Samsung 8 gig on Play or the 16 gig Lexar on Ebuyer...

    First Q:

    My current SD card has so many folders on it - most not created by me. Without spending an age going through these folders, how much space do you think 'system/installed apps' files take up? I realise this is vague - and that Sense is on the internal memory - but just trying to work out how much free space I'll actually have available.

    Also, currently waiting for 2.2 - am Tmobile branded...I'd like to be quite app-heavy - how much space are people finding is taken up by apps on their SD card (where Apps2sd is available)? I've bought Fifa and Heavy Gunner, and would like to give NFS Shift etc a go - i like games!

    Finally, what's people's gut feeling? Do any of you feel that 8 gig is "definately not enough" or that 32gig is overkill? I know I'm only talking 20id different, but in these times of austerity that's a fair amount of money!

    Many thanks for any advice - sorry for the long rambling message - in before the tl;dr

    cliffs: what size SD card should I get?


  2. suszannah

    suszannah Guest

    get a 32gb and be done with it ;)

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