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What's is the CoreZone

Discussion in 'Virgin Mobile' started by Darktaker, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. Darktaker

    Darktaker Member
    Thread Starter

    So I've noticed with the last Virgin mobile my account update I got this app what is it?

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  2. Firewill10

    Firewill10 Android Enthusiast

    I noticed this with boost mobile this past week. . No one knows. . Some disappeared within 24 hours
  3. np6s4x

    np6s4x Well-Known Member

    this recently has appeared on mine, along with an amazon app, and something called "gadget guardian"...I just love that virgin is randomly adding apps to our phone without our knowledge...
  4. AnciusD

    AnciusD Android Enthusiast

    Gadget Guardian is a Sprint version of Lookout,according to comment in Play Store.
  5. AnciusD

    AnciusD Android Enthusiast

    I already had Lookout and now the icon is gone. GG launches the same app as before.
  6. np6s4x

    np6s4x Well-Known Member

    interestingly this "corezone apps seems to be completely missing from everything but the apps drawer. for example: settings > apps > all doesn't seem to show it, unless it's under some other name.

    i also managed to get this after hammering on the icon and nothing happening: Screenshot_2014-11-23-02-54-43.png

    interesting that it popped on the screen like that rather then an app that would normally take up the full screen. And also how it doesn't use to system font either (maybe not that special, but still).
  7. Firewill10

    Firewill10 Android Enthusiast

    These ads have been appearing on alot of devices from multiple carriers not just Virgin mobile. May be a way Google is working on changing things as they always do. The Guardian is just as good as lookout basically because it is lookout

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