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i am only asking this because when the phone was being activated, the Verizon rep told me that under the gmail app on the bionic, you could only put the main gmail account. all other gmail accounts had to go into the email app?
i went along with it so i could get my phone but find it hard to believe. is this true? i loved the gmail app on my OG droid and was able to quickly switch between account but most of all i was able to assign a different alert tone to each account so without even looking i could tell what account just got mail by the alert tone.
is there a fix for this or an update coming?

i did a search for answers but all the post were for other phones like the incredible.

hope i am not out of luck here :mad:
Open the gmail app and on the top right should be a button with your email address. Tap that and you will be able to add and switch accounts.
You can only have one primary gmail account that the phone uses as a way to authenticate you with Google services and the market. However, you may have as many gmail mail accounts as you like. Just open the gmail app and press menu>accounts and you can add them there.
I tried that and for some reason the bionic adds the new account to the general email app and will not put it in the gmail app. i did it the way posted and when i push the add account button i the gmail app, it redirects me to an ADD ACCOUNT page and then places the gmail account i am adding into the general messaging app

why is that?
I added my other gmail address just now. The phone made me pick a service that the email account is associated with. I picked google, ran through the steps, and now it's added to gmail. I'm not sure what's happening with your phone. Is your phone asking you to pick a service?
this is the screen i get when i press the add account button in the gmail app. i have no choice but to use the email button and it puts the account in the general email app

OH MY GOD! I AM SUCH A ******!
i was thrown off! there was actually a gmail button but it was black so i didnt notice it, i feel like such an ass!
thanks for all your help
i going to bury my head in the sand out of shame right now

No worries. It happens to all of us. I had a feeling you were picking the email service instead of the google.