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Wiggle - New app in the market!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by AJRocha, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. AJRocha

    AJRocha Member
    Thread Starter

    Feb 23, 2009

    Hey guys,
    I just released my first Android application to the market called Wiggle. Wiggle allows you to change your phone settings according to Wireless networks in range. You have the ability to set your own "profiles" according to the name of the Wireless access point (SSID). Once your phone phone detects that network is in range, it will apply your profile settings.

    The idea of this program came to me when using another great application in the market that we've all heard of, Locale. The only problem that I had with Locale was when going indoors, I couldn't rely on using the GPS satellite signal when I was at work or at home. Furthermore, the cell-tower location (aGPS) is waaaaay too inaccurate, and half of the time it wouldn't work. Then it hit me, what is the one geo-location reference point that works indoors (and outdoors if signal is strong enough), yup WiFi! Wireless access points are geographically static and are not going no where any time soon (for the most part), so they become a great point of reference geographically speaking.

    This way I can be sure that whenever I am at work or at home or anywhere indoors, my profile settings will apply no matter what. By no means do I intend to replace or compete with Locale, but rather provide Android users with another way to apply phone settings without having to rely on seldomly unreliable GPS signal.

    Currently, Wiggle only supports 3 settings (Ringer, Bluetooth, GPS) but I will be adding more options in the next few weeks. Other pending updates are status bar notifications as well as the ability to allow the user to set their own Network detection Frequency.

    Please check out Wiggle in the Android market and let me know what you guys think. Any feedback will be welcomed.



  2. FortKnox

    FortKnox Well-Known Member

    Nov 23, 2008
    I know that in the case of GPS, it's only a battery drain if you have an application open *that uses it*. If Wifi is on, and constantly searching when you're not within range, is that a bit of a load on the battery?
  3. Droid69

    Droid69 Member

    Nov 11, 2009
    Comp. TEch. / like to party
    Bay Area - east bay.
    Looking up to this, sounds awesome. Is there anyway u can tweak it to make a phone call to use IP?...kinda like an IP phone. GPS uses IP also, right?
  4. Okay, I know I'm resurrecting an old thread here, but does anyone know how I can get hold of Wiggle in the UK? I can't seem to find it (either the free or paid version) in the market.



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