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Willing to making wallpapers

Discussion in 'Android Themes' started by LarryMartin830, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. LarryMartin830

    Thread Starter

    Well i am very new to this forum still...i found it on google once i got my droid eris. I have made alot of wallpapers for my cell and well i would like to share my talents with computer graphics. i have used adobe photoshop for 10 years on and off. If you want a wallpaper made plz don't hesitate to ask. once i know all the size's from each Android phones if there different this will be easier for me to create them..what i would like from you would be an idea of what you want. If you want a pic that you have sized to fit your phone i can do that too...if you want some with added to a pic i can do that...basically i can do alot :D

    here is one of my example...i am a amateur photographer i had taken this downtown pittsburgh and added the android

  2. LarryMartin830

    Thread Starter

    Well also if anyone can help if any one knows the size's of each android phone can you plz post them i know

    Droid Eris:
    Home Screen:640x480
    Lock Screen: 320x480
  3. condog

    condog Android Enthusiast

    can I get a scion(company) tc(model) (its a car). that would be awesome! thanks!
  4. LarryMartin830

    Thread Starter

    I am a car guy.... so i know lol
    Color car?
    Which phone?
    Do you know the size that you need?
  5. LarryMartin830

    Thread Starter

    There basic till i get back into the grove
    Android Forum Eris Lock
    Android Forum Eris Home
  6. condog

    condog Android Enthusiast

    haha sorry u never no. The htc eris and it would be the home screen so the bigger of the two. and a black or silver. thanks!
  7. LarryMartin830

    Thread Starter

    here ya go you can use it if ya want....Just click it...it will get bigger
  8. condog

    condog Android Enthusiast

    dude, that is freakin amazing!!! i dont no how u possibly did that and in what like 20 minutes? this is my wallpaper forever! your the man!
  9. LarryMartin830

    Thread Starter

    lol some times it takes longer some times it takes me 2 mins.... but im glad you like it
  10. I am looking for a Republican Wallpaper, something with either the republican elephant, or better yet, something with Sarah Palin on it. Do you think you could possibly swing that?
  11. i got a request..or a couple at that lol.
    can u add the "blur" as in the stock image to the ones ive attached below? T.I.A kind sir!

    Attached Files:

  12. LarryMartin830

    Thread Starter

    Working on yours now
    But what cell?
  13. LarryMartin830

    Thread Starter

    Umm what cell?
  14. zoiko

    zoiko Android Enthusiast

    Those are real nice, I will contact you later with an idea I have.


  15. Sorry, I am using a Mytouch 3G. Thanks so much!
  16. LarryMartin830

    Thread Starter


    There ya go...Do you like?
  17. LarryMartin830

    Thread Starter

    Like this?

  18. Sir, that is absolutely wonderful! My new wallpaper! Thanks so very much! That is a nice piece of elephant!
  19. ArXane

    ArXane Well-Known Member

    Thats bad arse... good job!
  20. LarryMartin830

    Thread Starter

    thank you
  21. yea..actually just like that.
    and the device is an Eris.

    thanks again!
  22. JUNGI

    JUNGI Member

    My first thing i said out loud when i looked at the graphics you made, "Dayum.." lol especially with the scion that he asked for i was scrolling down to see how you would make it (not a fan of the background red/black scion emblem graphics) but really really nice.

    So i have a request :), i was going to use random wallpapers found on the internet but id rather have a perfect fit with clean look that you make. I am requesting a Korean Republican Flag with anything around it that comes to mind maybe a small cartoon girl (like an anime esque) or w/e comes to mind. I want it to look not so serious. I want a background home wallpaper, and a lockscreen wallpaper that looks different also :)

    THANKS IN ADVANCE! if that is not too much to ask, i sound so needy lol.

    cant wait to see what you come with.

    EDIT: Device - HTC Droid Eris
  23. JUNGI

    JUNGI Member

  24. LarryMartin830

    Thread Starter

    once i get my transmission in my car i will work on yours
  25. JUNGI

    JUNGI Member

    Thanks Goodluck, will be waiting on your art :)

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