Word documents or hand write down?

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I was just wondering about your certain items you keep hidden like whatever you type up a document, do you store it on the hard drive, take it to the cloud, cut and paste it directly to something else? Or do you write it down and then put it in a folder for much later on?


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I have bot wrote down anything private in a long while.

If I were to do so again, most likely I would just use Simple Notes on one of my phones.

Although the app is not encrypted, I could always lock the phone.

Now that I have some bice phone stands and a bluetooth keyboard, I could see that happening long before a pencil and paper.

Years ago, I was a total paper and pencil guy, and all of my papers were lost in one fail swoop.

Sure, that could happen with a device as well, but again- the device can be locked and is much more secure than a bunch of papers that are open to view by anyone.


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i don't have secret documents. but what i do have is things like my various resumes saved up on my google drive, external hard drive, sd card and on my computer. do not really have any other documents that i want to save really.


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I've been paperless since the early 90s. Don't have a filing cabinet in my office, and the box folders and notebooks on my shelves contain nothing written this century. I have a vast number of documents, but I organise my computer files hierarchically and of course there are search utilities on a computer. My computers are of course backed-up regularly (encrypted backups, since there will be some confidential information), in addition to which the directories I use for work (excluding those with sensitive personal information) are continuously synced with a non-commercial cloud within the EEA (that last point matters legally for some of the data I store, though I don't let the sensitive stuff out of my hands at all). As I keep saying in data recovery threads, if it's important you need a backup that isn't on the same device as the original.

For quick personal notes I currently use a cross-platform encrypted notes app (Standard Notes), though before that I used a simpler notes program which had the option of encrypting notes I wanted to keep private, and which I would back up to other devices.

And I also use a dedicated cross-platform password manager (Bitwarden) rather than write passwords in notes (though some of my encrypted notes do include password hints for older passwords that I've not migrated so far).
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Myself as a writer, I just jolt down the ideas on paper most of the time, also I have an "Away" bag, I usually for whenever I wanted to step out of the house, so I will have that, I do have my notepad app on my cell for a ton of reminders, if I leave them be, then I will forget about them, in my tablet I do have Samsung notes in a few others I tend to post on my social media more these days, but I also have them to the cloud and drop box every once a spell..


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Anything I want to keep is on a computer (Desktop or laptop) and on an external Hard disk, offline when not i use, and at least on USB stick/SD card.
I'm always amazed when someone posts that their phone ha died and there's no backup. My phone syncs automatically with Google (data is always on so photos get to Google photos pretty much immediately). You can never have too many backups. Oh, and remember to check that backups are readable, theyre useless if you can't read them.