Help *World GSM* USSD Codes Not Working


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Found another quirk in the World capabilities of the Photon. I can't seem to be able to dial USSD codes. Thats not a problem here in the states, but in Europe where I rely on Pre-Paid Sims it is a problem. No USSD codes = no visibility on my Pre-Paid balance.

I've searched the forum and found that other phones also have this issue, and you can get around it by disabling a security option for Mobile Tracker in the Locations and Security menu...... however, I can't seem to find that option.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to sort through it all while I was in Germany last week.

I did find recommendations for a USSD Dialer App:

But I never have a chance to test it while in Germany. Oh well. Next trip!


I test all ways that friends said!!!

so no way guys!just reboot and install ussd code:(

my phone unable to reboot!dmn