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WPA Enterprise

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by tikiral, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. tikiral

    tikiral Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Sort of a bane of Android's existence here, but with partial support in 1.6 and full GUI support in 2.0, hopefully not for much longer.

    In the meantime, the Behold 2's configuration, just like the Galaxy (go figure), is different than other Android devices you may read about.

    1. The Behold 2 uses a bcm_supp.conf file rather than a wpa_supplicant.conf file, even though both start up with the wpa_supplicant binary

    2. Even with a proper setup in the bcm_supp.conf file, there seems to be an issue with browsing/connecting to a WPA-EAP network. With a WPA-EAP network in the config file, the WPA discovery process hangs and times out. The system is recoverable however by simply replacing the old bcm_supp.conf file or removing the WPA-EAP network from the file and restarting.

    Unfortunately, in the couple days of research that I've been able to do on the subject, at the moment, it doesn't seem possible to reliably connect to an Enterprise Wireless system. Hopefully, in the coming days and weeks, someone will discover the issue and come up with a patch or custom ROM to address the problem.

    Until then, it looks like it's no Wireless at the office for me.

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  2. mimmic

    mimmic Member

    WPA-Enterprise requires the device connecting have a computer certificate issued from your company's CA. Currently there is no way to obtain a computer certificate for an android device that I know of.
  3. tikiral

    tikiral Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Actually there are a couple of tools to generate certificates where necessary. At the moment, people have been doing pretty well getting their slightly older models set up. Depending on your setup, the wpa_supplicant set up doesn't even actually need the certificate. Granted, that's not necessarily the best solution in all cases, but it's possible.

    The Behold 2 is actually able to see the network and start connecting, but drivers on the system start timing out, making the one process take up to 150% of the system's cpu. Hoping and waiting for us to find out why those processes are timing out and get around the issue.
  4. amitpn

    amitpn Lurker

    Hi All,
    I am looking to connect to our work wifi which is a cisco WPA enterprise connection requiring username and login.

    The SSID is hidden for security at work, i have searched for almost every thread online and couldnt see any solution to the problem.

    I have got a HTC desire HD just few ago in March 2011. As global policy we only have iphone support from Microsoft at work as our exchange is hosted at miocrosoft in US.

    This is really sad that such a big company like google and all tech geeks working there couldnt figure out a function for enterprise WAP.

  5. rosebrk

    rosebrk Lurker

    What kind of certificate do I need to connect to our enterprise wifi? I have access to our certsrv, but it's not clear what kind of certificate I should issue.

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