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Writing a new .prl to the Avid

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DjSidEShoW, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. DjSidEShoW

    DjSidEShoW Well-Known Member
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    Things you will need:​

    1.) Your Phone(Duh!)
    2.) A Winows Computer(I used Windows 8)
    3.) QPST 2.7 b374(other versions are said not to work with our phone)
    Get it here-(https://mydownloadsection.googlecode.com/files/QPST.2.7.374.rar
    4.) Your Phone's USB drivers installed on your computer.
    Get it here-(http://www.zteusa.com/media/wysiwyg/ZTE-Avid/ZTE_Avid_4G_USB_Driver_-_ZIP_-_9.35MB.zip)
    5.) Your Phone's 6 digit SPC number
    To Get Your SPC Number
    6.) The .prl file you want to write to your phone. (Read Second Post for My Dropbox Link) -or-
    get them here-(http://androidforums.com/lg-motion-...please-post-new-ones-here-when-available.html)

    How To

    01.) Install QPST 2.7 b374
    02.) Put phone in FTM mode by pressing the Volume Down and Power Button's, Once in FTM Mode, Plug phone into computer's USB Port.
    03.) Open QPST Configurations. (Windows 8) Start>QPST Configurations
    (All other Winows Versions) Start>All Programs> QPST> QPST Configuration.
    04.) Click on the “Ports” tab and “Add a new port”
    05.) Select the “COMxx – USB\QC Diagnostic” and click ok, in my case it was COM9, your port number might be different, if you see more than one, disconnect all your external devices such as external HDDs, phones, Bluetooth dongles, ect. If you don’t see a port. Disconnect your phone, restart your computer, connect your phone and try again, you might want to remember your port number for future use.
    06.) Click “Start Clients” on the top of the program and open Service programming.
    07.) On the New Phone Selection windows you should see one active phone (the phone number will be different) but the COM# is the same, select it and click ok.
    08.) Click “Read from the phone” (on bottom left of screen) and enter your 6-digit SPC code
    09.) Click on the “Roam” tab and click the “Browse…” button, here you will need to browse for the PRL you downloaded earlier, select it and open it.
    10.) Click “Write to Phone”
    11.) Your Avid will reboot and you can close all the programs now. On your phone go to settings>about phone> and make sure the PRL version matches the PRL number you downloaded, if yes, Congratulations your all done!!

    Thanks go out to:
    "Leviuqse" over at XDA for his instructions on how to do this on an Epic 4g
    "gbiggie" for posting the .prl's in the LG Motion forums
    "jerryag" & "dadcup" for their post http://androidforums.com/avid-4g-all-things-root/699636-qpst-zte-avid-4g-diag-menu.html
    "Totlth" for being a hard working Avid CM10 Monk
    And to everyone else that has helped me out in the past on this forum :smokingsomb:

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  2. DjSidEShoW

    DjSidEShoW Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I put all the .Prl's I could find up for download. I even combined a few.
    So, tinker around and see which one gives you better coverage.
    I'm currently running 2034+9033 (9033 is Verizon) and I got better down/up speeds.
    It all depends on where you are located.


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