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Yahoo Email Not Showing HTML Email Bodies

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by cubswin, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. cubswin

    cubswin Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi, I am on my 4th phone in about 10 Days from VzW, now a re-furbed Incredible 2. Issue is I am receiving Yahoo emails, however the ones where body is HTML are blank. So, I receive the header/subject and a blank email. I know from web log-in the content is there, but not visible on my phone. I believe the December 14 update broke this. Is this a known issue? VzW suggests the Yahoo market app, which is reviewed as worthless. Thoughts? News? Suggestions?

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  2. bberryhill0

    bberryhill0 Android Expert

    I use the Yahoo Mail app everyday. It works for me. Most of the complaints seem to be about not being able to delete multiple emails at once. Tapping the Edit button gives you check boxes to do just that. The complainers need to RTFM.
  3. valorian

    valorian Android Expert

    You could try K9. I get HTML emails in my yahoo account and in K9 all I have to do is press the "Show Images" button for the full email to show. I don't use the native email for Yahoo app so I can't help there.
  4. fascinated

    fascinated Well-Known Member

    Mine has the exact same problem after the 2.3.5 update that just rolled out. I can be viewing the message and whamo...the message content disappears.
  5. valorian

    valorian Android Expert

    2.3.5 update? :thinking: Did I miss something? I don't recall the Incredible 2 ever getting 2.3.5 except by rooting.
  6. r_rmommy

    r_rmommy Lurker

    Mine does the same. I'm rooted and using 2.3.3 . Html shows for hotmail and gmail but not yahoo. I got the market app and its not the best but at least i can see my damn emails ;)
  7. skinaut

    skinaut Lurker

    the provided mail does not work fully with yahoo. I went to yahoo on the browser and down loaded their app and it works fine. downside is it adds another mail icon to your desktop.
  8. TT1080i

    TT1080i Member

    I think I figured this out. You know how widgets have to be in internal memory or they disappear.
    I was going through the stock email settings for yahoo and found under general settings/attachment cache was set to external. I changed it to internal and no more email disappearing before my eyes.
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  9. cubswin

    cubswin Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Unfortunately this fix did not work for me. In the Android Mail Client, I changed Attachment Cache to internal storage, but the contents of most emails disappear permanently after viewing them for about 4 seconds. If you close the email and return, the header is there, but the body is blank. I hate having to use a separate interface for one of my accounts, but I think Yahoo is doing this on purpose. It really stinks b/c the Yahoo app doesn't allow you to use two different ID's on the same account, like you can on the desktop.
  10. TT1080i

    TT1080i Member

    nope still happening, sorry
  11. TT1080i

    TT1080i Member

    I use the yahoo app as well and I have 4 yahoo accounts setup.
    you have an accounts button top left, then you go to a different screen and over on the right there is a "manage" putton. By pressing it you can add and remove accounts.
    so thats the official yahoo mail app ver 1.3.8

  12. cubswin

    cubswin Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for your help. I know how to use the Yahoo Mail app, however it fails to allow you to access the additional alias for the same address that the web version provides. On my Y! account, I have the ability to send/reply to messages from my single account from a different alias. I have given out these aliases (personal/professional) for a long time, so setting up a whole new account isn't an option I want to pursue. The native mail app allowed me to set up the same Yahoo account with two separate aliases, the Y! App won't let me set up the "other" alias as a new account, saying it's already in use. This is such a PITA, as everything used to work fine in the native mail app. I am guessing there is no effort underway to fix this...

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