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  1. Nalej

    Nalej Well-Known Member

    Just purchased it with that deal on Amazon. It's still for $199 on the Sprint website. Seems like a great deal if anyone is interested.

  2. bobojay

    bobojay Member

    Looking at the same thing. So what is the opinion after having it for a bit?
  3. Nalej

    Nalej Well-Known Member

    I love it. I'm coming over from the HTC EVO 3D and Nexus S (I would switch back and forth and played with both a lot)
    I was rooted on both and was constantly switching roms...
    The OG is so customizable when compared to both phones. It almost feels like it's rooted already, imo.
    Also, I like LG's UI over Sense.

    Battery life was pretty bad at first until I realized that it comes with a setting that automatically connects you to a remembered WiFi spot if you're in it's area.
    Once I turned that off, my phone has lasted over a day with average use.

    I prefer stock JB camera to this camera. It takes a little getting used to. First couple pictures I took were blurry.
    Though I've read in almost ever review that the camera does best outside in natural light.
    I'm taking pics of my little boys in a lamp lit room. So go figure, the pics weren't anything to brag about.
    I plan on giving it more time though.

    I've seen some people complain (in various forums) complain about the screen colors... which I don't understand.
    I think the colors on this phone are so real like and beautiful. I'm not sure what they want.
    I would play with it at a Sprint/ATT store and check if you like it.
    (To add on, it seems like the people who complain about the colors all brag about SIII/Note 2's color. To me... those colors are real like as they tend to be super saturated and exaggerated. I'm more of a fan of the real look. None of that photoshopping look for me)

    So overall, I love the phone. Hands down the best phone I've ever owned.
    I really hope the dev community picks up momentum with this phone.
  4. bobojay

    bobojay Member

    The Sprint version went up to $149.99 today on Amazon. Still no stock....
  5. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    I seen it at best buy advertised for $99
  6. bobojay

    bobojay Member

    Called Amazon yesterday about meeting Best Buy's $99.00 price for upgrade. No problem she said, so we did the online order while we were on the phone. They charge you the $149.99, then credit back the $50.00 difference. All within a couple minutes.
    2 to 3 week delivery time on it, but she said they are coming in faster than that mostly. We'll see.
    She did say they, Amazon Wireless, have been VERY busy since black friday. Almost all their new, top of the line phones are back ordered. Interesting.

    By the way, this is for the Sprint version
  7. Nalej

    Nalej Well-Known Member

    I had that 2-3 week notice as well. I received it in 4-5 days.
  8. bobojay

    bobojay Member

    Notified mine is on the way as of yesterday. Will have taken a week to get it because of the weekend....
  9. jas2743

    jas2743 New Member

    I just got mine at best buy for $99
  10. Time To Shine

    Time To Shine Member

    I got mine from Radio Shack for $99. Everything done in like 40 minutes. It was nice.
  11. masterz13

    masterz13 Well-Known Member

    It's $10 at Best Buy if you price match Amazon.com ($60 there) and they give a $50 gift card with their phones.

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