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  1. chinee

    chinee Well-Known Member

    Just got it tonight and I'm seeing just 24GB when I connect to my laptop... any other owners see this?

  2. reza

    reza Active Member

    & I have just 8gb on 16gb sony s tab model, I don't know what to say, some sort of scam or something I don't understand?
  3. tjh011

    tjh011 Well-Known Member

    On the 16gb there is about 8.9gb left to add whatever you want to it. On top of that 4gb is reserved just for apps, and the rest is used by the OS. No scam, its all there, just not all 16gb available for movies, music, etc.
  4. chinee

    chinee Well-Known Member

    Yep... not a scam... still not happy that not all the space is available... from Sony:

    What internal storage (memory) is available on the tablet?

    The Tablet internal storage is partitioned into two different areas: Internal Storage and Internal Storage (USB storage) .

    The Internal Storage is where all factory installed applications and multimedia files (pictures, music and video) are stored, while all user installed multimedia files, user customized settings, user downloads, user added applications and application data is stored in the Internal Storage (USB storage) .

    Follow this procedure to view the available Internal Storage and Internal Storage (USB storage) memory.

    NOTE: Adding together the Total Space listed for the Internal Storage and the Total Space listed for Internal Storage (USB storage) , plus just over 3.1GB of storage reserved for the operating system and other system files, the combined total will equal either 16GB or 32GB, depending on the tablet model you own.
  5. sarwiz

    sarwiz Member

    And sony support does suck.

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